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The network Silicon Saxony e. V. with its 320 members from the fields of micro- and nano-electronics, software, applications, smart systems and energy systems, is the largest and most successful industrial association of its kind in Europe. With its objective of strengthening the economic region of Saxony as an ICT location on a sustainable basis, the association perceives itself as a communication and cooperation platform for its members. Thus for example, an individual focus group as well as the „Cyber-physical systems“ working group have devoted themselves to the potentials of the „Internet of Things“. 

Silicon Saxony is also part of the „Silicon Europe“ Alliance – a consortium of the leading micro and nano electronics regions in Europe. 

Together with its subsidiary, the Silicon Saxony Management GmbH, the network assumes management tasks, while supporting and supervising the development of suitable forms of cooperation between science, industry and public bodies. 

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Saxony Automotive Supplier Network (AMZ)

The Saxony Automotive Supplier Network (AMZ) has been promoting the development of „Autoland Saxony“ since 1999. AMZ has made a vital contribution towards the fact that the primarily small and medium sized automotive suppliers in Saxony superbly master all elements of supplier management and that they have successfully established themselves in the global automobile value creation chains. For today’s challenges – innovation development, growth financing, globalization, shortage of skilled professionals –, AMZ has developed a number of new programs. Energy-efficient drive and propulsion systems, lightweight construction, generative components production, and „Smart Factory“ are the main topics from which AMZ generates pioneering projects in cooperation with Saxony’s engineering service providers and research institutions. With increased activities in the BRIC and ASEAN countries, for example, with a competence network in China, AMZ supports the market entry and development activities of Saxony’s small and medium sized enterprises.

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Source: Saxony Automotive Supplier Network (AMZ)

Innovation Network Mechanical Engineering Saxony (VEMASinnovativ)

Saxony’s machine and plant construction enterprises, production-related service providers as well as research institutions augment their individual strengths through cooperation in the Innovation Network Mechanical Engineering Saxony (VEMASinnovativ). The network’s focus is on technology transfer for the creation of innovative products and technologies, the development of new markets and business segments as well as the recruitment of highly qualified employees. 

Innovationsverbund Maschinenbau Sachsen VEMASinnovativ

Source: Innovation Network Mechanical Engineering Saxony (VEMASinnovativ)

Energy Saxony e. V.

Launched in 2014, Energy Saxony e. V. is an industry oriented network which pursues the objective of increasing the competitiveness and export strength of commercial enterprises active in the Saxon energy branch and further enhancing the efficiency of research conducted in the energy sector. The network is funded by a cluster support program of the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labor, and Transport (SMWA). The network members are currently active in the four work groups Energy Efficient Production, Energy Solutions for Buildings and Smart Cities, Regulatory Parameters and Business Models, Resources and Recycling, Storage and Network Services, Heat and Cold. In an interdisciplinary approach spanning all work groups, ENERGY SAXONY wants to advance the development of innovative solutions for sustainable energy technologies and their transfer into new products and services while also further strengthening the production venue Saxony in order to systematically seize the opportunities which arise from the energy turnaround in Saxony. 

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biosaxony network

The biosaxony network represents companies, scientific institutions, and other stakeholders from the life science branch in Saxony. The network pursues the objective of initiating projects among entrepreneurs and scientists, providing services and expertise, harnessing synergies for the continued development of the branch as well as showcasing the regional competences. A specific focus is on supporting the SMEs of the branch; in particular, by coordinating applications for subsidies, organizing workshops and symposiums, providing consultation, and conducting studies.

To improve support for Saxony’s medical technology sector, the biosaxony network has teamed up with representatives from industry and research to establish a special "Section Medical Technology" in July 2016.

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Organic Electronics Saxony (OES) innovation network

The Organic Electronics Saxony (OES) innovation network represents the interests of Europe’s leading cluster for organic, flexible and printed electronics, and thereby unites the key research and industry stakeholders in Saxony. Its declared strategic goal is to act as a driving force to further develop technology for the purpose of consolidating and gradually extending the know-how leadership of Saxony in a dynamically managed worldwide competition.

“EEInnovation” is a European initiative, in which OES, together with 31 partners, is keen on developing and commercializing the technological potentials of organic electronics as well as nanoelectronics / microelectronics.

“OES-international” is the name of the project, in which from 2016 on the OES stakeholders – in close collaboration with Japanese and British technology leaders – will develop organic and printed components to product maturity in Germany. The aim is to achieve the highest level of quality to be able to find applications in the automobile manufacturing, medical engineering and other industries. 

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