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Saxony is one of Germany’s most dynamic life science regions today. About 250 companies committed towards biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical technology focus on the fields of regenerative medicine / therapies/diagnostics, molecular bioengineering, bioinformatics, nanobiotechnology as well as pharmacogenetics. 

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At a Glance - Life Sciences in Saxony

Saxony is one of the most dynamic life sciences regions in Germany with more than 300 commercial enterprises and 30 research institutions with about 200 work groups and 15,500 employees from 40 countries are working on innovative solutions for human health here today. With 230 players (10,500 employees), the field of medical technology is structurally decisive for the sector in Saxony. The biotechnology sector includes 50 players, another 20 companies can be assigned to the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, around 450 actors with 40,500 employees are active as suppliers or service providers for the life sciences sector. These are players from, for example, the metalworking industry, plastics technology, electrics / electronics, the software sector or measurement and sensor technology, who generate part of their sales in the life sciences sector (a total of EUR 3.4 billion).

Today, Saxony is also considered to be a national center of excellence for cell and gene therapies as well as regenerative medicine. And Saxony’s cancer research has gained international renown and repute, too – when it comes to both early diagnosis and innovative treatments. Thanks to the traditionally strong branch expertise in Saxony which is also available in the sectors micro and nano electronics, sensor technology, 5G mobile communication as well as 3D printing technology, Saxony’s life sciences branch develops growing competences for applications in the smart medical sector. Whether it be in the fields of telemedicine, point-of-care diagnostics, computer-assisted surgery, or health care robots – interdisciplinary knowledge is an important success factor for the entire branch.



Sector Structure Life Sciences in Saxony

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Prof. Dr. Frank Buchholz

Professorship for Medical Systems Biology, University Hospital Dresden

"The Medical Faculty at the University Hospital Dresden is the youngest of its kind in all of Germany. Perhaps that’s the reason why there’s such a strong team spirit here. Since I moved with my family from San Francisco to Dresden in 2002, the research landscape has developed considerably in an international comparison – which is also due to the numerous excellence clusters found here."

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