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Exemplary traffic management - "VAMOS" is directing city traffic in Dresden

Whenever Europe’s transportation experts want to inform themselves about systems for an efficient traffic flow in urban centers, »Smart City« Dresden is one of the prime addresses. In Saxony’s state capital, the VAMOS – Traffic Analysis, Management, and Optimization System ensures smooth traffic flows. Dresden University of Technology has developed VAMOS together with its partners and established the project on behalf of the City Administration as an operational traffic management system for Dresden. The university also houses one of the control centers of the system. At the university, measurement values obtained from the traffic flow are recorded by more than 1,000 detectors and other data sources and subsequently evaluated in the VAMOS center. Via virtual traffic guidance systems located throughout the metropolitan area and along the federal expressways, via information systems on specific routes, parking options, and public transportation, car drivers receive concrete suggestions so that they can react appropriately to the respective situation.

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VAMOS-Leitzentrale an der Technischen Universität Dresden

VAMOS-Leitzentrale an der Technischen Universität Dresden (Quelle: TU Dresden)

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