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Mitarbeiter von AWEBA in der Produktion

Source: AWEBA


Since April 2016, the AWEBA Group has been integrated into the Schuler AG from Baden-Wurttemberg - a global leader in forming technology. The sites in Saxony - AWEBA Werkzeugbau GmbH Aue, WVL Werkzeug- und Vorrichtungsbau Lichtenstein GmbH in St. Egidien and ATF Auer Teilefertigung GmbH - master a number of globally unique tool and die technologies – for example, for the mass production of magnesium components straight from the coil on production presses – and provides all tool variants for the production of rotor and stator sheet packages which are used for the construction of electric engines and motors. The company also has a unique selling proposition when it comes to tools for high precision transmission components which combine both forming and fine blanking in one toolkit. The company, thus, actively supports the automobile manufacturers in the core topics lightweight construction and electrification of the powertrain.


Porsche Werkzeugbau GmbH’s Schwarzenberg production site is a leading manufacturer of large-scale tools for car body construction. The engineers and skilled workers successfully manage the entire process chain for the development and production of complex cutting and forming tools in the most diverse material qualities. In addition to various steels, a primary focus is also on such lightweight construction materials as, for example, aluminum and composites. The toolmakers from Schwarzenberg specialize in large-scale tools for floor panels and complete sidewall and bodyshell components. A real masterpiece is, for example, the aluminum forming of a passenger car bodyshell component in one piece.

In der Fertigung bei Porsche Werkzeugbau in Schwarzenberg

Source: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Qualitätsprüfung bei Anchor Lamina

Source: Anchor Lamina GmbH


Located in Chemnitz, the Anchor Lamina GmbH has firmly ensconced itself on the European market as a special manufacturer for the automobile, machine, and tool construction industries. The company develops and produces special plates, steel and welding constructions as well as column-guide frames. The product range also includes standards and components for tool and device making such as, for example, rotary benders and in-die tapping units as well as cam slides. Anchor Lamina possesses comprehensive competences in blank cutting tools in the coil cut style as well as in special purpose plants and press periphery.


Precision and flexibility are united in a new dimension by the H&T ProduktionsTechnologie GmbH from Crimmitschau in its latest product segment servo spindle presses. This innovation combines the advantages of mechanical and hydraulic presses in such a way that both maximum precision and the adaptability of the ram movement to the actual forming process can be obtained at the same time. The forming process can be combined with such other technologies as joining, side piercing, welding, laser labeling, plastic injection molding, and thermal treatments. In addition to this new segment, the company portfolio also includes mechanical presses, metal bellow machines, CNC transfer systems, swivel cutting tools as well as complex automation solutions. 

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