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The software branch in Saxony includes about 1,300 companies with more than 21,000 employees. About 60 percent of the employees work in small and medium sized enterprises.

Saxony's companies and research institutions make a vital contribution towards such global topics of the future as cyber-physical systems (industry 4.0 / smart factory), energy-efficient production, and the mobility of tomorrow.


Headquartered in Dresden, the T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH is one of Europe’s largest internet agencies. About 1,200 employees translate web innovations on behalf of companies from all branches into services for the digital business realm. These services include solutions for e-commerce, internet and intranet portals, „social business,“ and web-based IT management. 


The product portfolio of the COMPAREX AG, which is headquartered in Leipzig, encompasses software licenses from more than 3,000 manufacturers as well as consulting and other services. A specific focus of COMPAREX is on the development of innovative and customized cloud computing solutions. The COMPAREX AG employs about 2,150 people at more than 80 locations around the globe, in 33 European, Asian, African, and American countries. 


The GK Software AG, based in Schöneck in the Vogtland region, provides market- leading software solutions for the operation of international branch networks of major retail companies. Its over 700 employees worldwide develop point-of-sale and warehouse applications designed for the control of critical business processes in the retail industry – based on state-of-the-art cloud technologies. A major part of the products made by GK Software AG are distributed internationally by SAP under its own name. 

Platine, Preh Car Connect GmbH, Dresden

Source: Preh Car Connect GmbH


In early 2016, the TechniSat Digital Dresden GmbH, Research & Development (Automotive), was acquired by the Chinese Joyson Electronic Corp and its subsidiary Preh Holding GmbH (Bavaria). The new Preh TechniSat Car Connect GmbH – which also includes other former TechniSat development and production sites in Germany, the USA, Poland, and China – is headquartered in Dresden. Here, innovative car infotainment systems with navigation, driver assistance, and connectivity functions have been developed already since 1990.


The RadioOpt GmbH Dresden is a spin-off of the Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems at the Dresden University of Technology. Since 2008, the company has been developing software solutions for quality and volume measurement in mobile communications networks. These solutions allow smartphone owners to control their data consumption, test the speed of their internet connection and receive information on network coverage. The solution is also used by network operators as a „white label“ app for the purpose of further optimizing their mobile networks – based on the aggregated data on coverage and speed. 

Amazon Development Center Deutschland, software development center Dresden

In 2013, the Amazon Development Center Deutschland opened a software development center in Dresden. Some 70 IT specialists in the Dresden branch as well as in the also newly opened center in Berlin are engaged in developing pioneering technologies for Amazon. The focus here is on the development of innovative applications for the cloud business of Amazon Web Services, including hypervisors, operating systems, management tools and other applications, such as self-learning technologies, to be used on all Amazon platforms. The Amazon software specialists in the new center are developing the foundation stones for the next generation of cloud computing. 


The CareSocial GmbH in Dresden develops and sells software solutions for outpatient nursing services, intensive care and daycare services. In this regard, the scope of the service can be flexibly adjusted by the use of various modules. Alongside the management of master data and the planning of personnel deployment, users can document home visits by mobile data collection per smartphone and view all important patient information at a glance.

Multipower-Display, Unicontrol Systemtechnik GmbH, Frankenberg

Source: Unicontrol Systemtechnik GmbH


Located in Frankenberg, the Unicontrol Systemtechnik GmbH also integrates tablets and smartphones into vehicles. The company has developed an app which helps improve the information management in vehicles. Towards this end, relevant vehicle data can be displayed on a mobile device via a Bluetooth interface while also permitting a number of control functions. A specific focus of the Unicontrol software developers is on fully graphical, freely programmable display solutions that outperform conventional instrument clusters in passenger cars when it comes to integrated intelligence and the individual display of more and more functionalities.

In 2014, Unicontrol increased its own development capacities by 30 percent. With such new products as the multipower display and the „automotive app,“ Unicontrol attracts new customer segments.


Since 2011, the Kiwigrid GmbH has been developing and operating a modular and turnkey smart grid application platform for the connection of smart power grids in Dresden. The products form the communication infrastructure which connects decentralized energy generators (photovoltaics, wind turbines, and combined heat and power plants) and energy storage systems with consumers (air conditioning systems, heat pumps), electromobility, and the smart grid. The Kiwigrid platform provides solutions for the local optimization of energy self-sufficiency as well as the operation of virtual power plants. The corporate partners are, thus, able to offer their customers innovative value added services.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Gerhard Fettweis

Chairholder, Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems at Dresden University of Technology & Coordinator of the »cfaed« cluster of excellence as well as of »5G Lab Germany«

"Dresden is one of the leading locations for the research on mobile communications technology in the world. This is where future technologies for the new 5G standard have been and continue to be developed, thus laying the foundations for the Tactile Internet. It is precisely this innovative spirit that distinguishes Dresden and makes it so attractive for me and my colleagues working in cutting-edge research."

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Germany’s first innovation lab for logistics - "Logistics Living Lab" Leipzig

The interaction of IT systems for complex logistics services is tested in the Logistics Living Lab. Germany’s first innovation lab for logistics is funded as an integral part of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)’s Innovation Initiative “Entrepreneurial Regions.” The lab is being developed and implemented at Leipzig University’s Information Systems Institute (IWI).

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