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Saxony is the cradle of German machine construction. For more than 200 years now, machines and production systems which are in demand around the globe have been coming from the region. This uniquely strong and rich tradition also benefits the international semiconductor groups located in Saxony. Combined with the competences available in the sectors materials, measurement technology, and IT, the region’s companies have become powerful partners when it comes to factory automation.

Produktionsgebäude der VON ARDENNE GmbH am Standort Dresden-Weißig mit Solarfassade



VON ARDENNE GmbH develops and produces systems for industrial nanometer to micrometer thin coatings on such large surface materials as glass, metal bands, or plastic foils at its corporate site in Dresden.


The camLine Dresden GmbH develops and markets IT manufacturing solutions in diverse high-tech industries, such as in the automotive, electronics and semiconductor sectors. Its spectrum of services encompasses both vertical and horizontal integration and ranges from the improvement of innovation management, via the optimization of production processes through to innovative possibilities for the live control and monitoring of production systems. The company offers industrial manufacturers web-based quality assurance of supplier networks, machines and processes. Its customers include GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Infineon, Continental, STMicroelectronics and NXP. 


The evico GmbH was established in 2004 as a spin-off of the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW). The company specializes in the research and manufacture of high-tech ribbons needed in the manufacture of superconducting cables. In the future, these ribbons will be able to replace conventional copper wires in motors and generators. Superconductors are materials that lose their electrical resistance below a critical temperature and then conduct an electrical current with no losses. In collaboration with the Festo AG & Co. KG industrial automation company, evico investigates scenarios for the use of superconducting magnetic bearings for resource-conserving industrial automation. 


Located in Leipzig, bubbles & beyond GmbH develops „intelligent fluids®“ – environmentally friendly formulations for decoating and cleaning steps in microelectronic processes, for example, to remove photoresist coatings on wafers. The application of gentle chemical formulations allows users to shorten the requisite processes.

Quelle / Source: XENON Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, Dresden

Source: XENON Automatisierungstechnik GmbH


With about 170 employees, XENON Automatisierungstechnik GmbH supplies its customers in the automotive, electronics, photovoltaics, and medical technology industries with machines for the automated manufacture of electronic products from Dresden. The company’s new developments include, for example, flexible production lines for sensors, the 3D assembly of MID products, and equipment for the production of flexible solar cells. The company also has a production plant in China.


The AIS Automation Dresden GmbH is a system and software house for control and automation technology. Its over 135 employees develop, produce and integrate solutions for intelligent and automatic production lines. The company’s portfolio ranges from system control through to complete solutions for the „Smart Factory“. Mobile applications, which enable a flexible monitoring and regulation of the systems, are also used in these processes. Its products are used in the photovoltaic, semiconductor, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.


The Dresden-based DAS Environmental Expert GmbH develops and produces point-of-use systems designed to clean exhaust gases and wastewater. The fully automated, sensor-controlled DAS systems for the disposal of process waste gases are suitable for all modern coating and etching plants operated by the semiconductor and solar industries. The DAS technology is based on a flexible, integrated system concept. For customers from the solar industry, DAS provides a truly unique, combined exhaust gas and wastewater treatment method – the Pollution Abatement Facility for Solar Fabs (PAF).


Founded in 1991, the Dresden-based InfraTec Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik GmbH offers a wide range of products and services in the infrared technology sector. The owner-operated company employs more than 200 people and has its own in-house development, production, and sales capacities. Thermal imaging cameras which can, for example, be used for the thermal analysis of extremely tiny structures in the micrometer range are manufactured in InfraTec’s Infrared Sensor Division. These cameras permit their users to conduct non-contact measurements of the temperature distribution on complex electronic modules and components.


The SEMPA Systems GmbH develops, produces, and distributes complete customer-specific, turnkey solutions revolving around high purity gas and high purity media technology. At the corporate site Dresden, more than 80 specialists are responsible for the engineering, production, and installation of gas supply systems, process vacuum and exhaust air systems. The finished systems are used around the globe by the photovoltaics and semiconductor industries.

SCOUT®-Roboter von Fabmatics GmbH, Dresden

Source: Fabmatics GmbH


Headquartered in Dresden, the Fabmatics GmbH accepts automation projects in high tech branches. Fabmatics’ individually customized automation solutions master the handling of wafers, cassettes, and other products in cleanrooms – ranging from identification and localization to transport and storage all the way to loading and unloading machines. The intelligent intralogistics systems can be adjusted to the individual requirements and processes of new as well as existing production lines. Fabmatics possesses unique problem-solving expertise particularly when it comes to the retrofitting of 200 millimeter semiconductor factories. Yet its automated logistics systems are also used in other branches that have very high requirements for purity such as photovoltaics, medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry, or large laboratories. Fabmatics with its about 200 employees is active around the globe. 


The engineers at the Dresden-based Adenso GmbH focus on scalable solutions in plant construction in the automotive and semiconductor industry. Alongside the business segment „Flexible Materials“, in which roll-to-roll systems for vacuum coating for areas such as renewable energies are primarily developed, the business unit „Wafer Handling“ focuses on the semiconductor industry: The Adenso wafer handling robots (WHRs) are distinguished by their longest range and highest load-bearing capacity in association with space-saving kinematics and are unique in the world.

InQu.3D-Plan – ein Human Production Interface von InQu Informatics GmbH, Dresden

Source: InQu Informatics GmbH


The Dresden-based InQu Informatics GmbH develops modular and award-winning MES (manufacturing execution system) solutions on the basis of cutting-edge Microsoft technologies and 20 years of experience. The software house offers its customers in the semiconductor and electronics industry secure decision guidance in production processes. With a clear focus on customer benefits, the InQu.MES product suite provides individual and user-friendly software for the manufacturing industry, thereby – as an integrating system – closing the gap between management level (ERP system) and production.


The SYSTEMA Systementwicklung Dipl.-Inf. Manfred Austen GmbH in Dresden provides IT solutions and services for manufacturing automation. Its software solutions increase the efficiency and productivity of customer-specific business and production processes. The employees first analyze the customer requirements and then develop, integrate and support complex software solutions for the automation of complete plants.

We support Saxony.

Dr. Christoph von Plotho

President & Chief Executive Officer, Siltronic AG

"In 1995, we picked Freiberg as our new location; and the past 20 years have clearly demonstrated why this decision was the right one. Today, Freiberg is one of our most important production sites for 300-mm wafers. This is no coincidence because Saxony’s microelectronics tradition dates back many decades. And that’s precisely why we find those well-educated employees in this region whose competence and willingness to work hard have become the foundation for our economic success.

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As part of the »Advanced Distributed Pilot Line for Morethan- Moore Technologies (ADMONT)« project coordinated by X-FAB Dresden, since the beginning of 2015 a total of 19 European partners have been collaborating on the development of a pilot line for the manufacture of semiconductor chips in Dresden with advanced functionalities (»More-than-Moore«).

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