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Textile Hub Saxony

The textile region Saxony is a vibrant and highly innovative network of committed companies, motivated employees as well as outstanding research and educational institutions.

Around 2,500 materials scientists and engineers research and develop innovative lightweight materials just in Dresden alone. With a tradition of more than 200 years of textile manufacturing in the region, Chemnitz has evolved into the center of textile-based lightweight construction. Such renowned institutions as the Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI) with its new Center for Textile-Based Lightweight Construction and the Cetex Institute for Textile and Processing Machines are working together with Chemnitz University of Technology in the “Alliance of Textile Lightweighting (ATL)” to research new developments in textile engineering and technology as well as in structural and system-based lightweight construction. The Federal Cluster of Excellence “Merge Technologies for Multifunctional Lightweight Structures (MERGE)” at Chemnitz University of Technology has made Saxony the home of Germany’s only research cluster in this field.


Over the past few years, the Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS) has organized several business trips to foreign countries around the world. During these trips, many different cooperation projects between Saxon and foreign companies were initiated. To continue and intensify these cooperative activities, European decision makers and managers from companies as well as institutions active in the textile and composite sector are welcome to join us on an exclusive virtual business trip through Saxony.

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Since often a company has diverse products in its portfolio, these companies may be assigned to several fields or business segments. Please note that the examples below show only just one company from each segment as example. All companies will deliver and work in several segments. More companies are included in every segment. Check the following company database and map. 

Some companies will introduce themselves in form of a 3D company visit. To get an impression of that, please click here and see all available preview videos of the virtual tours. 

The companies listed in the segments below and the "Overview" document below are also joining the virtual matchmaking event. Additional companies are also part of the project.


"Visit Saxony‘s Textile Hub" - Overview of Saxon Companies
Image: Textiles for application in agriculture


  • Products for environmental protection, disposal, and recycling; filter media; landfill textiles
  • Products for agriculture and forestry, gardening and landscaping


Example: Technitex Sachsen GmbH
Image: Textiles for application in construction


  • Products in membrane, lightweight, and solid construction as well as in earth, water and road construction, textile roofing
  • Products for road construction and civil engineering 


Check companies at TEXTON network
Image: Textiles for clothing


  • All kind of products for clothing and footwear with focus on functionality and / or sustainability
  • Practical weatherproof textiles that are protecting against UV rays, cold
  • Shoe textiles


Example: maximo Strickmoden
Image: Textiles for your home


  • Products for the manufacture of furniture, upholstery, carpets, floor coverings, flame-retardant textiles, or other textiles with a primary focus on functionality



Example: Curt Bauer GmbH
Image: Textiles for industrial applications


  • Products for the the mechanical, chemical and electrical industries
  • Smart textiles with additional applications



Example: VOWALON GmbH
Image: Textiles for application in packaging


  • Products for packaging, confection, transport




Example: SKM GmbH
Image: Textiles for life sciences applications


  • Products for medicine, hygiene, and the life sciences




Example: Dresdner Spitzen
Image: Textiles for mobility applications


  • Products for aircraft construction and shipbuilding, the automotive sector, rail vehicle, space technology, and the travel industry
  • Interior fittings, protective covers, tapes, seals, filters


Example: C.H. Müller GmbH
Image: Textiles for application in protection


  • Products for personal and property protection; work clothing; survival equipment




Example: E. R. THIEME GmbH
Image: Textiles for sports applications


  • Products for sports and leisure; functional sportswear; outdoor equipment




Example: Lindner Socks
Image: Fibers & Materials


  • Woven and nonwoven technologies and materials ranging from standard yarns to high performance yarns  and structures made from sustainable natural materials and polymers as well as recycled materials


Example: Alterfil GmbH
Image: Textile machinery & equipment


  • Saxony's traditional strengths include the manufacture of textile machinery.
  • Machine construction and the textile industry are characterized by mutual cooperation and innovation.


Example: STC Spinnzwirn
Image: Textile research & development


  • Research and education are the foundation for pioneering future developments.
  • The research is geared towards the needs and requirements of industry.



Example: STFI Chemnitz
Image: Textile consulting


  • In addition to production companies, find also local support, business model creators, and coaches as well as industry enablers. 


Example: Gherzi GmbH
Image: Textile events


Meet Saxony's textile industry at events and exhibitions, fairs, etc.     


Overview of Events & Activities

See below: Overview of companies focusing on technical textiles, textile machinery, and textile equipment. Companies focusing just on clothing may not be included in this list.


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