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  • December 6, 2022
  • 11 - 11:30 am (CET)
  • LinkedIN Livestream


Quelle / Source: PowerON Dresden

Source: PowerON Dresden

SAXONY!-TechTalk #1: PowerON - making robots feel and safely interact with humans

In a new digital format "SAXONY! -TechTalk", the Saxony Trade & Invest Corp. (Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH) presents news on innovations, companies and current topics from Saxony's technology environment.


TechTalk #1 on December 6, 2022, was about the robotics sector in Saxony.

In the manufacturing industry, robots are already crucial for various processes. However, there are several factors that limit the use of robots to strictly defined, repetitive tasks. Safety aspects have to be considered especially where humans are also involved in manufacturing. A lack of sensitivity and adaptability is a further reason why robots cannot yet be used for a broader set of tasks and working processes.

PowerON's technology aims to break down the barriers between humans and robots. The startup with offices in Auckland, New Zealand and Dresden, Germany has developed multi-functional materials with a breadth of capabilities. The dielectric elastomers developed by PowerOn enable the use of robotics true to life, making it possible for robots to not only support individual working processes in the future, but to become active companions in versatile tasks in everyday life and the industry. 

In the TechTalk, CEO Markus Henke and CCO Carsten Schumann from PowerOn showed what is behind their technology and gave an insight into the many possible applications. They also talked about why they chose the federal state of Saxony as their European location and about the close cooperation with other players in the Saxon robotics ecosystem. 

The webinar has been streamed on LinkedIn.


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Originally a spin-out from the University of Auckland’s Bioengineering Institute’s Biomimetrics Laboratory, PowerOn has developed flexible, intelligent systems based on dielectric elastomers. “Our objective is to fundamentally change robotics as we know it,” explains Dr. Markus Henke, CEO of the startup.

Technology made by PowerON is based on a special polymer which changes its shape whenever electric current flows. This polymer possesses mechanical properties which are similar to those of human muscles. Since the electrical properties change during the deformation process, it can also be used in sensor technology. 




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Due to the interplay of its extensive microelectronics, machine construction, and software competences, Saxony has also considerable expertise in robotics. This is not only assured by university spin-offs and robotics start-ups, but also by well-established automation companies. 


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