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Due to its advantageous geographic location, Saxony is the ideal logistics location for distributing goods throughout Europe, regardless of the direction. The region around Leipzig is one of Germany’s most dynamic logistics locations.

DHL Hub Leipzig ( Source: DHL / Deutsche Post AG)

DHL Hub Leipzig - Europe's Modern Air Cargo Center

At Leipzig/Halle Airport, DHL operates its European air cargo center – the DHL Hub Leipzig. It is able to handle cargo planes 365 days a year – the best possible prerequisite to manage the constantly increasing cargo volume. More than 3,500 employees on site handle an average of 1,600 tons of cargo every day. And up to 60 planes are loaded and unloaded every work day. The volume has increased nearly fivefold since the air cargo hub was put into operation in 2008. In addition to Cincinnati (USA) and Hong Kong (China), Leipzig is DHL’s third global hub. Leipzig/Halle Airport is Germany’s second largest and Europe’s fifth largest cargo airport.

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Saxony’s road network is one of the best developed systems in all of Germany. Near Dresden, Europe’s most important routes intersect – the E 40 (France – Kazakhstan) and the E 55 (Sweden – Greece). With a length of about 2.600 km, the region possesses one of Europe’s densest rail networks. Three highly efficient Elbe River inland ports have been expanded into transportation interfaces of water, road and rail. These ports connect Saxony with the North German seaports.

Map: Saxony's Infrastructure (Source: Saxony Trade & Invest Corp. - WFS)

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Currently, Saxony's industrial real estate online data bank contains about 250 available industrial and commercial lots as well as about 100 commercial and industrial properties in Saxony. The information is updated decentrally by the responsible regional economic development agencies and district county offices as well as further partners. For every industrial or commercial lot, you will receive a concrete profile and a specific contact person.


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Die Gewerbeflächendatenbank bietet eine Recherche nach verfügbaren Flächen und Immobilien in Sachsen an (Screenshot).

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