A Pioneer in the Solar Industry

Founded in 1993, Solarwatt GmbH is one of the German solar pioneers and pioneers in the field of solar-driven sector coupling. The company develops and produces all the essential components of a photovoltaic system in Germany.

Solarwatt: Module production unit F8 in Dresden (Source: Solarwatt)

In 30 years of company history, Solarwatt has developed from a module manufacturer to an innovative system developer and from there to the only genuine sector coupler on the German market. Photovoltaics, mobility and heat, smartly linked, enable homeowners and businesses to reduce their costs and CO2 emissions by up to 80 %. The products include extremely durable solar modules, intelligent energy managers and highly efficient electricity storage systems - but also wall boxes, for example, to charge electric cars with electricity from your own solar roof.

Stefan Quandt, who has been involved in the company since 1998, has been the main shareholder of Solarwatt since the beginning of 2013.

Solarwatt has sold over 10 million solar modules to date, and every 5th PV system up to 10 kWp in Germany comes from Solarwatt. Over 850 employees now work at nine locations throughout Europe.

Solarwatt GmbH, Dresden