Solving Global Problems Sustainably with Recycling

The Biofabrik Group, based in Dresden, develops and markets high-tech recycling technologies with the aim of solving energy, waste and food problems in a sustainable way.

Circular Economy (Source: pixabay)

Since the Biofabrik Group was founded in 2011, the team has researched, improved and launched numerous technologies and products on the market. Among them:

  • Biofabrik's modular WASTX Plastic technology transforms plastic waste into recycling oil, which is fed back into the raw material cycle as the basis for recycled plastics. This turns problematic waste into a valuable raw material. 
  • The Biofabrik's WASTX Oil makes it possible to recycle liquid residues such as waste oil, used diesel and heating oil residues, as well as kerosene and shipping oils, in a decentralized and highly profitable manner.
  • The biorefinery extracts plant-based amino acids from an underestimated renewable raw material: grass. In the subsequent process, valuable vegetable protein sources or sustainable fertilizers can be produced from it.
  • Blattwerk Pure is an organic fertilizer that is produced from pasture grass in a unique process. In contrast to synthetic fertilizers, which are produced at immense expense from fossil raw materials such as crude oil, phosphorus or potassium, Blattwerk Pure consists of renewable raw materials.
Biofabrik Technologies GmbH, Dresden