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GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a full-service semiconductor foundry with subsidiaries in Europe, USA, and Asia. The GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab 1 in Dresden is one of the most productive and one of the most modern wafer manufacturing facilities in the world; and with a clean room floor space of more than 52,000 sqm, it is Europe’s largest semiconductor plant. It is here where innovative semiconductor products are manufactured in 28 nm, 32 nm, and 40 nm technologies on 300 mm wafers. Currently, the 22 nm FD SOI technology (22FDX®) is being introduced in Dresden; and the development of the next technological generation, 12FDXTM, has commenced. So far, more than 12 billion US dollars have been invested into the Dresden production site. GLOBALFOUNDRIES intends to invest more money to expand both the production capacity and the technological competencies.

Blick in den Reinraum, Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH

Source: Infineon Technologies


Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH is one of the biggest and most modern manufacturing and technology development locations of the Infineon AG Group. The largest customer of the chips produced here is the automotive industry. Virtually every second microcontroller in automobile engine and transmission management in the world comes from Saxony. For example, Infineon chips from Dresden can be found inside the BMW i3 from Leipzig. In the future, the Dresden company will also be manufacturing 300-mm power semiconductors for state-of-the-art hybrid and electric vehicles. Since 1994, over 3 billion Euros has been invested in the location, of which in the last five years 600 million has gone into the most highly automated 200-mm manufacturing facility in the world today as well as in the development of the first 300-mm high-volume production of power semiconductors worldwide.


The X-FAB Dresden GmbH & Co. KG is a semiconductor foundry which manufactures analog-digital integrated circuits. In addition, the company supports its customers and partners in developing innovative microelectronics. Together with other firms and the Dresden University of Technology, X-FAB worked, for example, on intelligent control devices for energy-efficient electric engines and motors as well as LEDs. X-FAB not only developed an inexpensive ultrahigh-voltage technology for this project, but also tests and produces the microchips its project partners developed. 

Produkte der SAW COMPONENTS Dresden GmbH: Mikrochips im Waferverbund und als fertiges Bauelement

Source: SAW COMPONENTS Dresden GmbH


SAW COMPONENTS Dresden GmbH develops and produces electronic components for all sectors of high frequency and radio transmission technology, sensor technology, and RF identification based on the Surface Acoustic Wave effect (SAW). Up to three million of these SAW chips leave the factory in Dresden every week. The experts have specialized in systems for such innovative fields of application as, for example, RFID and wireless sensors for industrial purposes. SAW sensors are energy self-sufficient and excel with their high resistance to high temperatures, rough and tumble movements, and electromagnetic fields.

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