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Saxony is the cradle of German mechanical engineering. For around 200 years, globally sought-after textile, machine tools and printing machines have come from the region. Even today, Saxony is a top location for global players such as Siemens, NILES-SIMMONS, Starrag and Koenig & Bauer.

Modification of a gas turbine on site at the customer's plant - carried out using Metrom's mobile technology. (Source: Metrom)


Facts About Mechanical Engineering in Saxony (2022)

  • about 1,000

  • > 45,000

  • 10 %

    share of Saxony's industrial turnover
  • 12.6 %

    share of Saxony's export turnover

Mechanical Engineering Networks

In industry- and technology-related networks, companies work closely with training and research institutions - among other things to speed up technology transfer, train the skilled workers needed, expand the market and tap synergies in the development of new production technologies.


VEMASinnovativ serves as a technology and product-open platform for technology transfer, the exchange of knowledge and experience, market expansion and the development of synergies for the further development of production along the entire value chain.




Robot Valley Saxony is the robotics ecosystem in the heart of Europe that actively networks experts from industry, research and start-ups to promote innovation and growth in the robotics sector in Saxony and beyond.


Robot Valley Saxony

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