Saxony’s Textile Industry: Innovation by Tradition

Saxony's textile industry can look back on more than 200 years of tradition. Its unique selling proposition to this day - the almost closed textile value chain from the fiber to the end product. Technical, functionalized textiles account for over 60% of the industry's turnover.

Textile knitted fabric (Source: Cetex Institut gGmbH, Chemnitz)


Facts About the Textile Industry in Saxony (2022)

  • 500

  • 12,000

  • 1,400 million €

    annual turnover
  • 60 %

    Sales share of technical, functionalized textiles
Visual Techtextile 2024 (Source: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH)

Get to Know Textile Location Saxony

- at the Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt / Main from April 23 - 26, 2024. The Association of the North-East German Textile and Clothing Industry e. V. (vti) is presenting 17 players from Saxony and 4 from Thuringia as part of a joint stand. The presentation is also supported by the Saxony Trade & Invest Corp. (Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH - WFS).

In addition to the presentation of the exhibitors' products and services, visitors to Hall 11.1 around booth number D44A can also expect information about Saxony as a business location and a hands-on "Textile Library".

Come and visit us. - We look forward to seeing you!

Association of the North-East German Textile and Clothing Industry (vti)

The vti represents the industry’s interests in the Eastern federal states of Germany - Brandenburg,  East Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Its members are mainly small and medium-sized companies from all sectors of the textile and apparel industry, including traders of textile or textile related products, as well as educational and research institutions. The vti functions as contact partner for politicians, authorities, chambers of commerce, trade associations and banks. The association brings companies together, strengthens their forces and creates synergy effects. The association is also involved as an initiator and sponsor of innovation alliances. In addition, the vti is a partner of the textile associations in the other German federal states and a member of the German Textile and Fashion Industry Association.

The regional focus of the East German textile industry is primarily in Saxony and Thuringia - Vogtland and Upper Lusatia in particular are up-and-coming textile regions with a high presence of textile companies.


Innovation Clusters

In Saxony, various networks and clusters in the textile industry are working together to develop innovative textile materials and products to open up new areas of application and to make more efficient use of sustainable raw materials.


Sachsen-Leinen e. V. is a platform for companies, R&D institutions, politicians and consumers in the field of processing fiber plants, natural fibers and other renewable raw materials. Through the association, members pool their expertise and enter into cooperative ventures. Sachsen-Leinen coordinates local, national and international cooperation projects to support new technologies in the cultivation and processing of fiber plants and animal wool for textile and technical applications as well as the refinement of natural fibers into semi-finished and end products.


Sachsen-Leinen e. V.


The "texton" network is an association of companies and research institutions from the entire construction industry value chain. The topic of fiber- and textile-reinforced concrete is dealt with in close cooperation with scientific institutions. The focus of the joint work is the technologically oriented development of practical new products. In this context, Texton offers services and project development.



The Association of the North-East German Textile and Clothing Industry (vti) has been dedicated to the topic of healthcare textiles since 2015. With a project funded by the Free State of Saxony, the powerful Saxony-wide network health.textil has been established since 2017. The network focuses on continuous dialog with the healthcare industry and the initiation of user-related projects to strengthen the competitiveness of medium-sized textile companies in the healthcare industry market.


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Saxony's textile industry covers almost the entire textile chain - fiber, yarn, and nonwoven fabrics producers, spinning and weaving mills, knitting and warp knitting mills, textile finishers as well as fashion and clothing manufacturers; also including textile machine manufacturers. In the field of technical, functionalized textiles, the focus is particularly on lightweight textile construction, healthcare textiles and natural fiber applications.

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