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Saxony’s logistics branch exhibits dynamic growth. Nearly all top 20 European logistics enterprises have set up business in Saxony for customers from the automobile industry, machine and plant construction as well as from the ICT and life sciences sectors.

Contract Logistics

Value-added logistics along the industrial value creation chain – that’s Saxony’s specific strong point. The region is “Autoland Saxony,” “Silicon Saxony,” and the cradle of German machine construction. In Saxony, logistics experts find discerning customers – and industrial enterprises, superb logistics experts.

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Cargo Transportation / Freight Forwarding

Thanks to its excellent geographic location right in the heart of Europe, Saxony is the perfect logistics venue for the distribution of goods throughout Europe. Europe's most modern air cargo hub, one of the densest railway networks in Europe, an intersection of two European Routes an the navigable waterway Elbe River perfectly help to distribe goods around the globe. Efficient companies provide the requisite assistance.

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IT and Other Services

Saxony’s companies are strong partners – in the IT-supported vehicle fleet management, in the planning of logistic processes / process chains, in factory planning. Other focal points include the development and production of RFID systems, packaging solutions for industrial goods, and logistics systems.

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Mail Order and Internet Trade

Amazon operates one of Germany’s largest logistics centers in Leipzig. Future Electronics, one of its three global distribution centers. Other mail order and internet companies have also set up their businesses in Saxony.

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We support Saxony.

Dr. Michael Süß

Vice President Engineering, Webfleet Solutions

»The Leipzig site, which emerged from the acquisition of the datafactory AG corporation in 2005; later Tom Tom Telematics, is the technological center of Webfleet Solutions. The primary reason why we selected this location as our corporate site was the favorable environment for business setups in Leipzig.«

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Success Stories

Perfect Connection - Intermodal Freight Villages in Saxony

Customized commercial properties, a perfectly linked infrastructure, and the availability of 24/7 operations are provided by Saxony‘s three Freight Villages (GVZ) at five locations.

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