SAXONY! at the SLUSH Helsinki 2021


The German Federal State of Saxony is a top location for such globally active companies as Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche, Infineon and Globalfoundries, or Bosch. Check out more about how Saxony enables innovative ideas an founding spirit by watching the presentation of its stakeholders at the SLUSH Helsinki 2021.


December 01 - 02, 2021

Wandelbots GmbH, Dresden - Teaching Robots (Quelle: Wandelbots GmbH)

Just one of Saxony's successful start-ups: With "no-code" solutions by Wandelbots GmbH from Dresden robots can be teached easily without any programming skills - In high-tech fabs of Infineon, Volkswagen and BMW, supported by investors such as Microsoft and Siemens.

SAXONY! - Where Innovative Power meets Founding Spirit

There are many good reasons why the region in the heart of Europe is a top location for globally active companies as Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Infineon, BOSCH and many more… 

Saxony is:

  • Home to six automotive production sites operated by Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Daimler, and is evolving into Europe’s largest production venue for all-electric vehicles
  • Europe’s largest microelectronics cluster and the 5th largest worldwide
  • The "birthplace" of every 8th car built in Germany and every 3rd chip manufactured in Europe  
  • Home to an extraordinarily highly skilled workforce (high above OECD average)
  • The venue with one of the highest density of R&D institutions in Germany
  • A European "Strong Innovator Region" according to the "EU Regional Innovation Scoreboard"
  • The region with the best environment for technology funding in Germany
  • An ideal location for innovative start-ups and spin-offs

Research and innovation in Saxony are geared towards the rapid commercialization of cutting-edge technologies. This is particularly the case in the hightech sectors comprising microelectronics/ICT, mobility, engineering, medtech and clean energy technologies. Due to the close cooperation of high tech enterprises with a large number of universities and research institutions, Saxony provides ideal starting conditions for business founders. Furthermore, no other German federal state supports researchers who want to become young entrepreneurs with so much commitment as Saxony does. This was ascertained by the Stifterverband, a donors' association for the promotion of sciences and humanities in Germany,


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The Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS) has organized the presentation of the Innovation Location SAXONY! during the SLUSH 2021 in Helsinki. Get in contact to stakeholders from Saxony’s start-up landscape that will introduce themselves at the SLUSH 2021.

  • ATNA Industrial Solutions GmbH, Leipzig
  • memoresa GmbH, Leipzig
  • payactive GmbH, Dresden
  • Scoolio GmbH, Dresden
  • whisp Internet GmbH, Dresden


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    SAXONY! - A Business Location at its Best

    There are many good reasons why the region in the heart of Europe is a top location for such globally active companies as Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche, Infineon and GLOBALFOUNDRIES, DHL, or BOSCH.

The Pros Behind SAXONY!

Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation

The pros behind SAXONY!  are the staff members of the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH).

We promote the business and research location Saxony with conviction. But we rather let our work speak for itself: We assist new business setups and company expansions, help develop new markets at home and abroad, initiate networks between business and research, launch transregional cooperations … 


You see,  we give our very best for Saxony – and also for your project. We’d love to hear from you! 


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