Industry, Innovation & Marketing

Our Industry, Innovation & Marketing Department is the point of contact for entrepreneurs and researchers in Saxony who are focusing on future technologies and are looking for partners, project ideas and more. The marketing team takes care of the global marketing of SAXONY! as a business location.

Innovation process (Source: pixabay)


Facts About the Work of the Industry, Innovation & Marketing Department (2022)

  • 16

    events for technology transfer
  • 180

    other activities (colloquia / forums, events with partners, company visits, etc.)
  • 3,506

    participants from business, research and education
  • more than 5,600

    followers on LinkedIn (as of April 2024, only an exemplary number from the area of marketing)
Our Strengths for Your Project

Focus on Future Technologies

One of our most important tasks is to identify future fields of innovation at an early stage, analyze them with regard to the competencies in Saxony and derive suitable measures to support the regional players.

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One of our unique selling points is our strong focus on industries and technologies. Our teams work together across departments and with Saxony's innovation clusters. To provide you with advice and the right networking activities for your individual innovation project.



We are a company of the Federal State of Saxony. In order to advance your project quickly and unbureaucratically, we rely on close cooperation with the institutions of Saxony's State Government - including the SAB - Sächsische Aufbaubank [Saxony's Development Bank].



We have your individual concerns firmly in mind right from the start: We incorporate your needs and suggestions right from the planning stage of our activities. Our industry experts will inform you about the latest technology trends and funding programs, find potential partners for your project and much more.



We are the link between entrepreneurs, researchers and networks throughout Saxony. We are not only a member of the most important industry networks, but also regularly coordinate joint strategies and projects. This close cooperation allows us to identify cross-industry technology trends and translate them into recommendations and activities for players in Saxony's economy.


Our Industry Experts Focus on the Following Topics:

More Than 46,000 Potential Business Partners

Since 2004, the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS - Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH) has been operating an online company database. This database currently contains more than 46,000 entries which are maintained and updated by the companies. It is possible, for example, to search the data records for regions, branches, or turnovers.


Find the right partners for your business success.

Die Firmendatenbank Sachsen zeigt Suchergebnisse au einer Google Maps-Karte an. (Screenshot)
Project Workshops

Technology Transfer in Practice

In our "project workshops", we bring together players from companies, research and networks; from production and application on high-potential topics such as robotics or, for example, trends from the healthcare industry. Based on specific practical examples, partnerships can be forged and project ideas developed.

Robotics test factories in the Chemnitz area were visited as part of the robotics project workshop in November 2022 (source: Saxony Trade & Invest Corp. - WFS)

Key Points for the Work of the Saxony Trade & Invest Corp. (WFS)

The focus on industries and technologies is the central element of our company's work. Whether in the area of investor services, innovation support, location marketing or foreign trade - the needs and potentials are individual for each industrial sector. The work of the Industries, Innovation department provides a strong basis for the WFS strategy process.

Teamwork (Source: Adobe Stock | Flamingo Images)
Forging Networks

Robotics SAXONY! - Robotics for SMEs

... is an initiative together with the industry network VEMASinnovativ, the R&D players Fraunhofer Institute IWU, ICM Chemnitz and Zwickau University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with "Saxony5 - Transfer field productionn". The aim is to develop the potential of robotics for SMEs in Saxony - with a focus on suppliers AND users of robotics technologies.

Aumann Limbach-Oberfrohna (Source: Aumann)
Our partners in the area of industries & innovation (source: Saxony Trade & Invest Corp. - WFS)

Stronger Together

What are high-potential trends? What are the current needs of stakeholders in Saxony? What joint offers can we develop for you? These are questions that we regularly discuss with our partners. Our cross-industry strategy is developed, fine-tuned and updated on this basis.

For Cross-Industry Technology Fields with Particularly Strong Potential for Saxony's Economy, We Create Cross-Departmental "Focus Teams". Currently on the Following Topics:

The Pros Behind SAXONY!

Saxony! - a Business Location at Its Best

Advertising is similar to bait on a fishhook. For more than 30 years now, we have been promoting the business location Saxony with facts, figures, and good arguments. Particularly in times of increasing competition among regions, Saxony needs to present itself with pride and self-confidence at the national and international level. It is, thus, necessary to effectively communicate the specific locational factors and facts about Saxony’s key high tech branches.

Since 2008, we have been presenting Saxony around the globe as an attractive business location with a promising future under the united label “SAXONY!” ("SACHSEN!"). Together with other partners, we are, thus, communicating a uniform identity of the business location Saxony to the world – whether it be online, in printed or video format, or through international trade show participations and presentations.

Partners of the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS) and Saxony’s enterprises, R&D institutions, etc. are invited to support the united label and integrate it into their marketing campaigns. We’d like to know where and how the brand is used, and we’d be happy to assist you in implementing the requisite projects.

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Lienig Dr., Uwe

Dr. Uwe Lienig

Industry, Innovation & Marketing

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+49-351-2138 201