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Where Western and Eastern Europe meet, Saxony unites the strong points of both into one economic region which offers many singular advantages. International airports in Dresden and Leipzig, exceptionally developed long-distance road and rail networks, and its location right in the heart of large European markets all offer ideal prerequisites for procurement and sales. 

Map: SAXONY! - Right in the Heart of Europe

Source: Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS)

The Ideal Position right in the Heart of Europe

Due to its advantageous geographic location, Saxony is the ideal logistics location for distributing goods throughout Europe, regardless of the direction. The region around Leipzig is one of Germany’s most dynamic logistics locations. 

Its central location has proven to be a real geographical advantage for Saxony. Which is why the logistics giant DHL decided to relocate its European air cargo hub from Brussels to Leipzig. At Leipzig / Halle Airport, cargo liners can be handled 24 hours per day and 365 days per year; the best possible prerequisite for mastering the constantly increasing airfreight volume. In addition to Cincinnati (USA) and Hong Kong (China), Leipzig is DHL’s third global hub. 

Saxony's Traffic Infrastructure – Facts and Figures

  • Road network: 13,894 km
  • Of that, proportion of federal expressways: 567 km
  • Length of rail network: 2,600 km
  • International airports: 2 (Leipzig/Halle, Dresden)
  • Elbe River ports: 3 (Dresden, Riesa, Torgau)


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Saxony’s logistics branch is growing very dynamically. Virtually all top 20 logistics companies in Europe are active in Saxony on behalf of their customers from the automobile industry, machine and plant construction as well as the ICT and life sciences branches.

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The Digital Initiative Saxony (DiOS) ensures that the German Federal Government’s broadband objective – obtaining a nationwide 50 Mbit/s transmission rate by 2018 – is implemented in the regions around Chemnitz, Dresden, and Leipzig.

When it comes to the mobile communication of the future (5G), Saxony’s researchers in Dresden are pioneers – and demonstrate around the globe what “high speed” really means.

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Saxony is the land of mining. Today’s cornerstones of Saxony’s mining industry are four open pit lignite mines and almost 300 quarrying operations. The use of geothermal energy as a natural resource is gaining increased significance.

In addition to its high performance power plants, Saxony also has a well-developed energy infrastructure.

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