Alstom: Rail Vehicles from Eastern Saxony

More than 2,000 employees continue the over 170 years of history of rail vehicle construction in Lusatia. The manufacturing facilities in Bautzen and Görlitz, which belong to the French Alstom Group today, produce rail vehicles for local, regional, and long-distance transport.

Electric double-deck multiple-unit train for Germany’s regional and long-distance transport; built by Alstom in Bautzen (Quelle: Alstom/Urs Kuckertz)

The plant in Bautzen is the industrial competence center for the final assembly and commissioning. With a strong focus on the digitalization of its production in line with Industry 4.0 principles, Bautzen is one of the most modern assembly sites in the European rail industry. Among the best-known products manufactured here are state-of-the-art Twindexx Vario electric double-deck multiple-unit trains for Germany’s regional and long-distance transport as well as new commuter trains for Hamburg.

The plant in Görlitz is the industrial competence center for the production of rail car bodies made of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. It is also the place where the subassembly, commissioning, and certification of vehicles as well as service operations are carried out. Currently, Görlitz participates, for example, in the construction of new Flexity trams for Dresden. The facility also played a major role in the production of Twindexx Express double-deck trains for Switzerland.

Alstom in Germany