BOSCH Mega-Fab in Dresden

June 2017 - The sensation is perfect: the technology group Bosch is building a new mega-fab to produce MEMS for applications in mobility and the Internet of Things. And the plant is not being built somewhere in Asia, but in Europe - in the heart of "Silicon Saxony": in Dresden!

A north-eastern bird's eye view of the Bosch semiconductor factory in Dresden. (Source: Robert Bosch GmbH)

The semiconductor business has repeatedly been a focus of investment for BOSCH in recent years. The best example of this is the semiconductor plant in Dresden, which opened in June 2021. At one billion euros, it is the largest single investment in the company's history to date. The chips manufactured by BOSCH in Dresden include application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), microelectromechanical systems (MEMS sensors) and power semiconductors. 

BOSCH announced the expansion of the Dresden site as early as 2022: The company is planning a new development center and will invest a further 250 million euros in the expansion of the site from 2023. Among other things, this will expand the clean room area by 3,000 square meters.

BOSCH, mega-fab Dresden