Foreign Trade

Diagram: Saxony‘s Most Important Export Partners 2019

Source: Statistical Office of the Federal State of Saxony


In 2019 as well, China continued to be Saxony’s largest export partner around the globe. Compared to the previous year, there was a 7 percent increase to 7,155 million euros in the trade with China. Total exports to Asia increased by 4 percent. 

Trade with the American continent decreased. Decisive in this were the decreasing exports to the USA – Saxony’s second-most important export country – by 9 percent.

With a 57,7 percent share in all exports, the European continent continued to be the most important continent for the exports of Saxony’s producers in 2019 as well. Trade with the trading partners Czech Republic (fourth most important export country) and Poland (fifth most important export country) increased slightly by 1 percent. 

Diagram: Saxony‘s Most Important Import Partners 2019

Source: Statistical Office of the Federal State of Saxony


In 2019, about 64 percent of all imports to Saxony came from EU member states; more than one quarter of which originated from the neighboring country, the Czech Republic (an increase by 1 percent). But - above all - the USA supplied an increasing amount of goods to Saxony (94 percent more).

The main supplier from Asia was China.

Diagram: Saxony‘s  Most Important Branches – Share of Saxony‘s Export Turnover (2019)

Source: Statistical Office of the Federal State of Saxony


With a 34.2 percent share in foreign sales, products of the automobile industry continue to be Saxony’s most important export goods. Their sales to foreign countries have more than doubled over the past ten years. In 2019, foreign sales in the automobile industry amounted to a total of about 8,482 million euros. The main customers were China and the United States of America.

The foreign sales in machine construction increased to approximately 4,638 million euros; 5.3 percent more than in 2018. When it comes to the manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products, the volume of transactions completed with foreign customers reached 3,136 million euros (+3,5 percent compared to 2018). And when it comes to the metal production, there was a decrease of 8.6 percent to about 2,104 million euros.

Similar to the previous years, the four above mentioned business sectors accounted for almost three quarters of all foreign sales generated by Saxony’s industry.

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