Cars Without Driver on the Road

IAV GmbH’s Chemnitz / Stollberg site specializes in the development of highly automated assistance systems and the implementation of field tests. The engineering services provider has already tested a number of experimental vehicles with great success under regular traffic conditions.

For years, IAV has been covering the approximately 70-kilometer route from Chemnitz to Dresden Airport in a converted VW Golf in a highly automated process. (Source: IAV GmbH, Chemnitz / Stollberg)

The driver is hardly required to intervene at all - only at some traffic lights because the system cannot clearly assign the traffic signals to the lanes. To do this, the vehicle would have to receive further information via a car-to-infrastructure network.

As soon as the vehicles reach level 4 - fully automated driving - the driver will hardly have to worry about the traffic situation. The vehicle will then control almost all functions and maneuvers independently, and the warning time for human intervention could be around one minute. The IAV test vehicle has also mastered this degree of automation - but only on a test track at the moment.

IAV GmbH, Chemnitz / Stollberg