Complete Vehicle Competence for Railway Technology

Europe’s first hydrogen tram comes from Saxony. The lead developer of this innovative mobility concept is the HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering GmbH from Chemnitz. The project furnishes additional proof of the complete vehicle competence found at HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering.

Design concept for a hydrogen-fuel cell powered low-floor tram made by HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering (Source: HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering GmbH)

Together with the Leipzig-based rail vehicle manufacturer HeiterBlick and the Flexiva Automation & Robotik corporation from the Erzgebirge Mountains, the engineers and technicians are working on bringing the fuel cell driven train on track by 2025.

The project furnishes additional proof of the complete vehicle competence found at HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering. Based on more than 30 years of experience, the company accompanies and supports its customers from around the globe through the entire development process chain for rail, road, and special vehicles – from the initial idea all the way to the finished prototype and mass production launch. Within the HÖRMANN Group, more than 200 highly qualified employees are active in the vehicle engineering sector. The performance profile encompasses the development of rail and road vehicles, production planning and fixture development for the automotive sector as well as technology and process consulting from the initial idea to the finished product.

When it comes to vehicle construction, the engineering expertise from Chemnitz becomes particularly evident in the development of such innovative rail vehicles as locomotives, streetcars, local trains, double-decker trains, and high-speed trains. Here, the company is one of the market leaders and sets trends specifically in lightweight construction, the use of new sustainable materials, and production optimization. The Chemnitz specialists have gained repute and renown, for example, with innovative tram projects in Asia and Europe. Now, the experts are contributing these competences to what has been the company’s largest individual contract so far. For “Saxony’s Platform – Tram of the Future,” they are preparing the vehicle concept and implementing the systems integration. The new generation of low-floor trams in specific urban designs and models will be operating in the cities of Leipzig, Görlitz, and Zwickau by 2030.

HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering GmbH, Chemnitz