Dresden Online Bike Platform Helps Shape the Trend towards “Green Mobility”

Once founded as a small enterprise in a living room in Dresden, “Bike24” has evolved into one of Continental Europe’s leading online platforms for bicycles and other sporting goods within only a few years. Today, the company already has about 450 employees.

Online-Shop Bike24 (Source: bike24.com)
Online-Shop Bike24 (Source: bike24.com)

Andrés Martin-Birner, Falk Herrmann, and Lars Witt founded Bike24 in 2002 in a tiny 15-square-meter apartment (i.e., 161 sq. ft.) in Dresden. Their original focus was on high quality products revolving around bikes, but they expanded their online portal by adding athletic goods for runners, swimmers, hikers, and other sports enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the portfolio encompasses more than 77,000 items – from carbon bikes and e-bikes to triathlon shoes all the way to Via Ferrata equipment and climbing harnesses.

This particularly wide and deep range of products has secured the company from Saxony a broad customer base in Germany, Austria, Spain, and many other countries. And thanks to modern storage systems into which Bike24 had invested ten million euros in 2017, the platform can meet the needs and requirements of its customers very quickly and flexibly. By going public in 2021, Bike24 has opened a new chapter in its company history. With the generated capital, the team wants to finance, for example, its expansion in Southern and Western Europe.

Bike24 Holding AG, Dresden