Environmentally Friendly Solar Module Production in Germany

High performance photovoltaic modules „Made in Germany“ form the core business field of the Heckert Solar AG. The company, which was founded in 2001 and is based in Chemnitz, specializes in the production of polycrystalline solar modules of the most diverse performance classes and dimensions.

In the production at Heckert Solar GmbH in Chemnitz (Source: Heckert Solar)

The high-performance PV modules are manufactured exclusively in Germany. The first solar module rolled off the production line in Chemnitz on September 1, 2003. 20 years later, Heckert Solar has a nominal production capacity of 800 MWp / year. Production at both the traditional site in Chemnitz and the production site in Langenwetzendorf in Thuringia, which was inaugurated in 2021, is sustainable: Heckert Solar produces with electricity from its own PV test systems; additional consumption is covered by purchased green electricity. And the waste heat from production is used to heat the offices.

Heckert Solar GmbH, Chemnitz