Fiber Composite Structures for Aircrafts and Cars

COTESA GmbH in Mittweida specializes in the production of fiber composite components for the aerospace and automotive industries. The company focuses on complex components such as profiles and stiffeners, multidimensional sandwich structures and hybrid components such as drive shafts.

Production at COTESA in Mittweida (Quelle: COTESA GmbH)

COTESA develops and manufactures customer-specific solutions for components and assemblies at three production sites with over 400 employees. Since the company was founded in 2002, COTESA GmbH has developed into an important series supplier for many large aviation and automotive companies. Its customers include Airbus, Boeing and the Diehl Group. COTESA manufactures extremely light, curved sandwich structures, CFRP profiles and bullet-proof lightweight components.

COTESA GmbH, Mittweida