Infineon Relies on "Silicon Saxony"

Infineon Dresden was founded in 1994 – at the time still part of Siemens. Today, Dresden is one of the most modern and largest Infineon sites. In 2022, the Group announced further expansion - the largest single investment in the company's history at around 5,000 million euros.

At Infineon Technologies Dresden, thousands of silicon wafers pass through the highly complex production process in a class 1 clean room every week. (Source: Infineon Technologies)

With around 3,250 employees, Infineon Dresden is one of the most important industrial employers in "Silicon Saxony".

In addition to the existing chip production on 200mm silicon wafers, Infineon opened the world’s first high-volume factory for power semiconductors on 300mm wafers in Dresden in 2011. With this strategic decision, the group secured the site’s long-term future. Since then, Infineon has invested over 700 million euros in this second production line.

Today, Infineon Dresden manufactures over 400 different products based on 200mm and 300mm wafers for all four of the group’s segments – quickly and in top quality. Our products meet the highest security standards – something that is particularly important for security and chip card products as well as automotive products.

A high level of automation and connected stages in the value chain are the hallmarks of both production lines. Over the past few years, we have further developed the 200mm line into the world’s most highly automated factory. The 300mm line was set up from the outset for fully automated production. Anyone who wants to experience Industry 4.0 live should come to Dresden.

In 2023, the Group starts construction of a new plant for analog/mixed-signal technologies and power semiconductors in Dresden. The company plans to invest a total of around five billion euros in the plant, which is scheduled to start production in 2026. This is the largest single investment in the company's history.

Infineon Technologies Dresden