Innovative Agricultural Technology from the Erzgebirge Region

The company site in Lößnitz has now been in existence for over 120 years, and the company based here for almost 140 years. - Since 2001, the company has been known as Eidam Landtechnik GmbH and sells agricultural machinery designed and manufactured in-house under the "InnoMade" brand.

Equipment for the efficient spreading of liquid manure is one of the main products of EIDAM Landtechnik from Lößnitz in the Ore Mountains. The in-house developments bear the name "InnoMade". (Source: EIDAM Landtechnik GmbH)

These products include, for example, devices with which manure and fermentation residues are efficiently spread on farmland. In addition to manure technology, the core product range of the company from the Erzgebirge Mountains also includes silage spreaders and silage compactors. Additional equipment which meets the specific demands of fields, farmyards, and stables, both as in-house developments and in job-order production, complements the corporate portfolio. Towards this end, the EIDAM team successfully masters not only mass production, but also the manufacture of special constructions. Together with partners from industry and science in Saxony, EIDAM is also working on power-driven tools which are specifically designed to prepare heavy, hard soils in a gentle, energy-efficient manner for the subsequent sowing with just one crossing of the field; on the introduction of a new wear material to the market; and on a new system development – the “Feldschwarm®” concept. 

EIDAM Landtechnik GmbH, Lößnitz