Innovative "Chips" Made from Hafnium Oxide

Ferroelectric Memory GmbH (FMC) is a technology leader for ferroelectric hafnium oxide storage technology based in Dresden.

Computer chip (Source: pixabay)

Founded in 2016, the Saxon company has already caused a sensation among experts in the past with the presentation of its disruptive non-volatile memory technology based on crystalline ferroelectric hafnium oxide. The founders of FMC originally developed their technology at the "Namlab" nanoelectronics laboratory at TU Dresden together with Globalfoundries Dresden. 

In addition to its high speed, extremely low power consumption, CMOS compatibility, lower manufacturing costs and extreme temperature stability, FMC technology offers complete magnetic immunity and high radiation resistance.

FMC's patented technology makes it possible to convert amorphous HfO2 into crystalline ferroelectric HfO2. In this way, any standard CMOS transistor and capacitor can be converted into a non-volatile memory cell, ferroelectric field effect transistor (FeFET) or capacitor (FeCAP).

Ferroelectric Memory GmbH, Dresden