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It was from here that European hard porcelain, the first web offset printing machine, the left hand drive in automobiles, and many other smart ideas began their success stories around the globe. Today, Saxony’s researchers and entrepreneurs are still working hand in hand on intelligent solutions to improve our daily lives.

Map Saxony is a European “Strong Innovator.”

Source: EU Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2019


A great plus for Saxony is its enormous innovative power. This has been confirmed by the EU “Regional Innovation Scoreboard”: Saxony is a European “Strong Innovator.”* The region scores points, for example, with the volume of investments into research and development, the large number of employees in medium‑high and high-tech manufacturing and knowledge‑intensive services, and the high degree of R&D cooperations between SMEs.

*The NUTS 2 region of Dresden achieves the highest rating - "Innovation Leader ". The regions of Leipzig and Chemnitz are among the "strong innovators".



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The business model Germany is based on high tech branches with strong export activities. That’s why it is so important to train and educate a sufficient number of MINT specialists. Towards this end, Saxony is Germany’s incubator for engineers. This is due to the high proportion of graduates in engineering sciences among all graduates. With 29.1 percent (Germany’s national average: 19.3 percent), Saxony achieves the absolute top value here in a comparison of all federal states. The replacement rate for engineers is also high, around 9.2 out of 100 employed engineers who were subject to mandatory social insurance contributions in Saxony were new engineering graduates. The German national average has only a replacement rate amounting to 6.8 percent.

Source: Education Monitor 2019, Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW) on behalf of the Initiative for a New Social Market Economy (INSM)

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futureSAX - The ecosystem for innovation-driven growth in Saxony

futureSAX is an initiative of Saxony's State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport. futureSAX pursues the objective of providing growth impulses for existing innovative companies and supporting start-ups in establishing themselves on the market. futureSAX is active for both, high-growth companies with a strong market position and high-potential startups.


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With its technology funding, the Federal State of Saxony fosters the innovation processes in Saxony’s business community. A specific focus is on the increased support of “knowledge transfer through brainpower” – with which Saxony promotes the employment and qualification of skilled professionals who develop innovations and act as multipliers primarily in SMEs and supports enhanced cooperation between business and science.

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Students and researchers at Saxony’s universities are actively supported in the implementation of innovative business ideas. The highest subsidy rate per student, the largest number of competitions for business founders as well as the highest approval rate when it comes to applications for subsidies all assure Saxony a top position in a nationwide comparison of conditions for business founders. 

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    Saxony's Innovative Power

    Saxony’s greatest competitive edge is its extraordinary innovative power. It was from here that European hard porcelain, the left hand drive in automobiles, the first web offset printing machine, and many other smart ideas began their success stories around the globe. Today, Saxony’s researchers and entrepreneurs are still working hand in hand on intelligent solutions to improve our daily lives.

Im Rahmen des Exzellenzclusters „cfaed“ wird auch an der Echtzeit-Interaktion von Robotern und Menschen geforscht. „Versuchsobjekt“ ist ein gestengesteuerter NAO-Roboter (im Bild), der zukünftig zum Beispiel im Haushalt helfen könnte.

Source: Dresden University of Technology / cfaed / 5G Lab Germany, photo: Matthias Hahndorf

Saxony's Innovative Power

A great plus for Saxony is its extraordinary innovative power. The region is a European "innovation leader" (source: EU’s "Regional Innovation Scoreboard").

Saxony’s researchers and entrepreneurs play a decisive role in developing intelligent solutions for everyday use in the future. Their focus is on intersectoral topics such as lightweight engineering, energy storage technologies, electromobility or organic & flexible electronics.

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Prof. Ezio Bonifacio

Director, Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD) at Dresden University of Technology

"After having worked in London, in Perth/Australia, and in Milan, I came to Dresden in 2007. Here, I found the perfect environment for my research at the CRTD. When it comes to developing regenerative therapies, we benefit substantially from the interdisciplinary exchange. This applies both to the institute and the city’s scientific community."

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HZwo Network - Helping Fuel Cell Drive Systems Achieve the Breakthrough

Many German universities and institutes are researching alternative drive systems in order to achieve economically and ecologically viable mobility. When breaking the topic down to the level of fuel cell drive systems and powertrains, then only a few institutions remain. Chemnitz University of Technology is one of them. It is here where Prof. Dr. Thomas von Unwerth established the Professorship of Advanced Powertrains in 2010 and put the topic hydrogen fuel cell drive systems into the focus of research. At that time he could already look back on a decade of experience in this field. He earned this competence in the corporate research of Volkswagen and while working, for example, also on the creation of a fuel cell vehicle fleet for the 2008 Summer Olympics in China.

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