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Saxons master their lives with cleverness and commitment, but also with pleasure and joy. How about some tips to immerse yourself into the way of life in Saxony? – Please continue reading!


Around the globe, Saxony justifiably has the reputation as Germany’s No. 1 cultural destination. The more than 1,000 palaces, castles, stately homes, and gardens, 400 museums, 800 exhibitions, 14 theaters, and 3 opera houses offer an absolutely stunning, top of the line, unforgettable experience.

International tourists appreciate that. On a regular basis, Saxony is able to score points in corresponding rankings.

  • The hosts in Saxony receive top marks from their guests. The TrustYou monitoring system shows a value of 87 points on a satisfaction scale of 0 to 100 points for Saxony in 2022. This puts the travel destination of Saxony above the national average of 86.8 points. (Source: dwif 2023)
  • According to the booking portal, Dresden is one of the most hospitable cities in the world (4th place). Saxony can also be happy: Among all German federal states, Saxony was rated as the second most hospitable region in Germany after Rhineland-Palatinate.
  • Dresden ranks 3rd among the most popular destinations for city trips in Germany (“Top 100 Sights in Germany”, German National Tourist Board GNTB)
  • Dresden's Old Town quarter with the Frauenkirche Church, the Semperoper Opera House and the Zwinger Palace was voted the 9th most popular German tourist attraction by almost 32,000 travelers from over 60 countries ("TOP 100 Sights in Germany", German National Tourist Board GNTB).  
  • Three of Germany's Top 20 museums are situated in Saxony (Source: tripadvisor) - the Dresden "Zwinger" (9th place) with the various collections and exhibitions of the Dresden State Art Collections, the "Green Vault" treasure chamber museum Dresden (15th place) and the picture gallery "Old Masters" Dresden (20th place) individually (the last both can be found in the "Zwinger").

  • The Saxon Switzerland National Park was voted number 3 of the most popular national parks in Germany ("TOP 100 sights in Germany", DZT - German National Tourist Board).
  • The Bülow-Palais in Dresden (15th place) is one of the top 25 hotels in Germany. The Dresden restaurant "Stresa" is one of the 10 best restaurants in Germany (9th place). (Source: "Traveller's Choice Awards 2022", tripadvisor)

So you see – you shouldn’t miss Saxony! Either for a short visit or as your home base.


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Raffaels "Sixtinische Madonna" in der Gemäldegalerie "Alte Meister" in Dresden

Quelle: Gemäldegalerie "Alte Meister", Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Foto: Estel / Klut

Festival "Classic Open" auf dem Markt in Leipzig

Source: Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH, photo: Andreas Schmidt

Joie de Vivre

Saxon joie de vivre is expressed by the many celebrations and festivals ranging between classic and cult, high culture and regional atmosphere. Such theater and music productions as the Dresden Music Festival, the Festival of Contemporary European Theater "euro-scene," or the International Dixieland Festival all typify the multifaceted cultural life.   

And when it comes to the other senses, Saxony can also provide a broad range of programs. Come taste and savor fine and exquisite wines at one of the wine festivals in the Elbe River valley. Be tempted by the seductive scents on the Christmas markets in the Erzgebirge Mountains. Enjoy the panoramic views of Dresden’s old town while watching thrilling movie highlights at the "Movie Nights along the Elbe River," Germany’s largest open air movie festival.  

Horch-Oldtimer im August Horch Museum Zwickau

Source: August Horch Museum Zwickau

Come and Have a Look! - At over 400 museums

A host of adventures can also be found at the 400 museums in Saxony. Do you want to discover fabulous, sparkling treasures? Then you should visit the "Green Vault" or the "Turkish Chamber" in Dresden. Or do you love technical history? Then a visit to the "August Horch Museum" in Zwickau or to the Saxon Museum of Industry Chemnitz will be perfect for you. Or quench your thirst for art history in the GRASSI Museum of Applied Art in Leipzig.

And last but not least, another tip: Experiencing wood crafts from the Erzgebirge Mountains in a totally different way – this will come true in the "Manufacture of Dreams" in Annaberg-Buchholz.    

Come and Have a Look! - At over 1,000 palaces, castles, and gardens

...which lure visitors to the knightly Middle Ages, to the opulent Baroque, or to the enlightened Renaissance. Follow the footsteps of Elector August "the Strong" to Pillnitz Palace and Park. Or those of his unfortunate mistress Countess Cosel to her prison at Stolpen Castle. Experience knightly romance at Gnandstein Castle, and smile at the "graffiti" left behind by medieval rascals in the rooms of Rochlitz Palace

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