Manageable Diagnostics Technology for Developing Countries

The Sysmex Partec GmbH in Görlitz is part of the globally active Japanese Sysmex Group. The site is regarded as a pioneer and market leader in the field of flow cytometry. One focus is the development and production of mobile, fully equipped diagnostic devices.

CyFlow® Cube 8 - the compact and economical flow cytometry system from Sysmex Partec GmbH Görlitz (Source: Sysmex)

Worldwide, 36.9 million people are living with HIV, many of them in developing and emerging countries. The control of helper cells using CD4 tests plays an important role in HIV diagnosis and monitoring. With "CyFlow", Sysmex Partec GmbH has launched a mobile, fully equipped diagnostic device for this purpose. The compact and robust flow cytometer analyzes passing cells and delivers results within three minutes. A seal of approval from the World Health Organization (WHO) not only confirms the quality of the CyFlow system, but also opens up new markets in Africa and Asia.

The Görlitz-based biotechnology company Sysmex Partec is both a pioneer and market leader in the field of flow cytometry. It offers a wide range of compact flow cytometer analyzers that enable the absolute counting of cells, cellular subgroups and other particles in real time. These cost-effective, easy-to-use diagnostic solutions support the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in less developed regions of the world. The Saxon company's devices are also used in research and industry.

Sysmex Partec is part of the Japanese Sysmex Group. The company employs around 150 people at the Görlitz site. In view of growing sales - also due to increased deliveries to the parent company - investments in the millions have been and are being made here to build a new production hall and warehouse.