Old Solar Modules Are True Treasures

LuxChemtech GmbH in Freiberg specializes in the recovery of semiconductor materials from photovoltaic modules, wafers and targets, as well as from devices and production waste.

Solar panels (Source: pixabay)

LuxChemtech has already received an award for a recycling process for the complete recovery of valuable materials from solar modules. By-products and waste from the production of PV modules are also recycled in this way.

LuxChemtech's other business areas include the refinement of recovered metals such as silver, indium, gallium and tellurium, the purification and melting of silicon and the production of silicon blocks and molded parts or similar semiconductor materials. The company produces multicrystalline silicon blocks for sputtering targets and components weighing up to 1000 kilograms. Contamination-free crushing and grinding of silicon and the production of high-purity granulates and powders are also among the company's core competencies. These materials are required for the production of lithium-ion batteries, for example.

A separate research department is working on new innovative solutions for recycling processes and the development of new products. Among other things, it has developed a process for the treatment of lithium bromide solutions that are produced during the maintenance, dismantling and disposal of absorption refrigeration systems. The recycled solution can be reused in refrigeration systems.

LuxChemtech GmbH, Freiberg