One (Light) Nose Ahead

The EAST-4D Carbon Technology GmbH in Dresden develops and produces lightweight, robust and cost-efficient CFRP structures for the mobility industry, focusing on innovations in the field of filament winding technology.

Engine inlet cone by EAST-4D® Carbon Technology GmbH, Dresden (Source: EAST-4D® Carbon Technology GmbH)
Manufactured using winding technology - complex 3D molded structural components from EAST-4D® Carbon Technology Dresden (Source: EAST-4D® Carbon Technology)


The EAST-4D Carbon Technology GmbH in Dresden is dedicated to the topic lightweight construction with ultramodern procedures. The company develops ideas and project proposals in line with specific customer requirements. Design and approvals are implemented individually in further process steps. For the mass production of ultralight composite structures, the company has developed the filament winding forming and the filament winding injection procedure. These procedures permit the production of both rotating components with complex geometry and nacelles which are exposed to maximum stress. With this patented technology, EAST-4D produces, for example, jet engine inlet cones for the Airbus Group.