Precision Farming

Agricon GmbH is a leading solution provider for the challenges of precision farming. Since 1997, the company has been helping farmers to use machinery, resources and working time more efficiently.

Tractor equipped with Agricon GmbH sensors determines the required amount of nitrogen fertilizer to be spread on the field by the spreader during the field crossing. (Source: Agricon GmbH)

The requisite service spectrum encompasses the conceptual design, development, and sale of sub-area specific crop farming methods and management systems as well as their integration into the agricultural enterprise. Farmers are equipped with intelligent tools for the efficient organization of their farms. The internet-based data management solutions developed for this purpose link information – which is collected, for example, via sensor systems from the actual soil and plant conditions – with one another and derive the requisite recommendations for action with regard to the sub-area specific tillage of a field.

Agricon GmbH, Jahnatal-Ostrau