Putting Innovative Vehicle Functions Through Their Paces

TraceTronic GmbH, headquartered in Dresden, supports more than 150 companies in the international automotive and supplier industry with software products and innovative solutions for the development and safeguarding of complex embedded systems in vehicles.

Source: pixabay

Founded in 2004 as a start-up at the TU Dresden, TraceTronic has since developed into a global company. The company now employs over 300 specialized employees, students and trainees and the growth trend is continuing.

Headquartered in Dresden, TraceTronic has further locations in Ingolstadt, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, the USA and Korea. Thanks to its continued proximity to universities, TraceTronic is able to research new technologies and design innovations as part of various research projects. Using the latest technologies and methods, solutions for the fully automated testing of ECU software on different platforms are designed and seamlessly integrated into existing process chains. TraceTronic's tools are used in over 30 countries worldwide - including in "Silicon Valley". Companies such as Audi, BMW, Bosch, CLAAS, Continental, Daimler, Denso, Ford, Geeley, IAV, John Deere, Magna, Porsche, Rivian, Siemens and Volkswagen rely on TraceTronics' technical expertise and years of experience.

In summer 2021, TraceTronic founded a joint venture with Volkswagen in Dresden. neocx GmbH is building a so-called "Continuous Integration / Continuous Testing (CI/CT) Factory". This is a platform that bundles powerful tools for the highly automated testing and integration of vehicle software and connected services. In this way, Volkswagen aims to accelerate the development of digital functions, including over-the-air updates, which are made available to owners of VW ID. vehicles every three months. Prior to this, the innovations are integrated and tested using neocx solutions. This makes the new joint venture an elementary component in the development process.