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Logo 3dvisionlabs GmbH, Chemnitz

3dvisionlabs GmbH, Chemnitz

3dvisionlabs GmbH is a tech startup from Chemnitz. It was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the Chemnitz University of Technology and currently employs 10 people. The focus of activities is the development and marketing of the innovative 3D machine vision camera technology HemiStereo®, as well as the creation of intelligent vision solutions for the digitization of production facilities and for building automation. At the CES we want to make our technology more accessible to an international audience.



Contact:    Dr. Michel Findeisen, Managing Director


3visionlabs introduces HemiStereo® NX

3Dvisionlabs introduces HemiStereo® NX

AI based 3D Machine Vision in Industry Automation

The current product HemiStereo® NX offers cutting-edge technology for machine vision applications. Here, 3dvisionlabs combines the latest AI processor generation NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX with HemiStereo® 3D vision technology in one compact device. The 3D camera provides an unrivaled 180° field of view for high-resolution acquisition of 2D and 3D image data and enables neural network processing of the data directly in the device. The 3D camera is primarily aimed at developers and innovators from industry for applications in the automation of production areas and mobile applications on driverless transport systems.


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Logo FDTech GmbH, Chemnitz

FDTech GmbH, Chemnitz

The technology company FDTech develops automated driving in Chemnitz. FDTech wants to make mobility sustainable and accessible to everyone. FDTech supplies building blocks for expanding current mobility and redesigning future mobility. With the development of functions for driver assistance and automated driving and their integration into the regional and supra-regional infrastructure, we are shaping the future of mobility together with automobile manufacturers, suppliers and transport infrastructure operators.

In Chemnitz, FDTech is part of the Germany-wide unique partner network CADA, the Chemnitz Automated Driving Alliance. We leverage synergies through cooperation. We bundle competencies for the future of the region.



Contact:   Michael Sachse, Technical Consultant


Pitch Deck (PDF, 10 Pages)

Digital Twin for Automated Driving

At CES 2021 the main focus of our given presentation is on our validation approach for automated driving functions. Taking the high complexity of such functions into account and giving respect to safety and reliability, simulation is playing an essential role for us in the whole development process. For developing and validating the functional requirements we at FDTech are utilizing a Digital Twin.








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Logo Fraunhofer Institute FEP, Dresden

Fraunhofer FEP, Dresden

The Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP is pleased to present its competences and latest technologies as well as research results at the no. 1 place for latest and innovative electronics show - CES 2021. As an application and industry oriented R&D institute in Germany, we are happy to meet interested partners and companies at CES for the 3rd time to exhibit innovative approaches in the field of organic electronics for wearables or the integration in smart devices as well as latest research results for flexible and biodegradable electronics e.g. for medical or sustainable electronic devices.
With our competences in organic electronics technologies and IC design for OLED microdisplays, sensors and flexible OLED, we want to get in touch with the visitors of CES to discuss future projects, ideas and innovative approaches with our technologies.         



Contact:   Ines Schedwill, Head of Marketing


Pitch Deck (PDF, 20 Pages)
Fraunhofer FEP: Organic Electronic Technologies for OLED devices

Organic Electronic Technologies for OLED devices

Our institute will present latest developments for OLED microdisplays and flexible OLED devices as well as biodegradable flexible electronics. Fraunhofer FEP has extensive know how as well as several clean room facilities for organic electronics and OLED-on-silicon technologies and also all necessary lab tools for characterization and analysis of the optimal and most suitable solutions for our customers. Together with our partners we are always working on customer specific and market oriented devices, such as OLED microdisplays for augmented or virtual reality (AR, VR) or low-power OLED microdisplays for industry 4.0 scenarios e.g. to visualize simple but high contrast information for workers or doctors during surgeries.
Furthermore, we are working on the integration of our microdisplays in face shields in combination with sensors e.g. to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in order to detect infected people. Next to these solutions Fraunhofer FEP presents latest flexible OLED stripes and our palette of possibilities to develop customized and unique OLED lighting solutions for integration in various applications from automotive sector via design up to textile integration for secure working clothes. Moreover, we present our ongoing research in developing biodegradable flexible electronics for sustainable and biodegradable devices. 

Fraunhofer FEP as your R&D partner offers a wide range of possibilities for research, development and pilot production. Our services encompass all of the necessary steps in a development project – from the concept phase up to the final transfer of the technology including feasibility studies, system design, scale up, pilot scale production or also the collaborative work within public funded projects. 


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Logo InfraTec GmbH, Dresden

InfraTec GmbH, Dresden

The German specialist for thermographic measurement systems was founded in 1991, has its own design, manufacturing and distribution capabilities and employs more than 230 employees. InfraTec’s Infrared Measurement division is one of the leading suppliers of commercial thermal imaging technology. Beside high-end camera series ImageIR® and the VarioCAM® High Definition product family, the company offers turnkey thermographic solutions, for instance E-LIT a semiconductor testing solution for non-contact failure inspection.


Web:          , Facebook, LinkedIn

Contact:             E-Mail

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Factsheet (PDF, 2 Pages)
InfraTec GmbH: Infrared Cameras and Thermographic Automation Solutions
Logo Netzwerk Automobilzulieferer Sachsen (AMZ)

Saxony Automotive Supplier Network (AMZ)

The Saxony Automotive Supplier Network (AMZ) has been promoting the development of „Autoland Saxony“ since 1999. AMZ has made a vital contribution towards the fact that the primarily small and medium sized automotive suppliers in Saxony superbly master all elements of supplier management and that they have successfully established themselves in the global automobile value creation chains. For today’s challenges – innovation development, growth financing, globalization, shortage of skilled professionals –, AMZ has developed a number of new programs. Energy-efficient drive and propulsion systems, lightweight construction, generative components production, and „Smart Factory“ are the main topics from which AMZ generates pioneering projects in cooperation with Saxony’s engineering service providers and research institutions. With increased activities in the BRIC and ASEAN countries, for example, with a competence network in China, AMZ supports the market entry and development activities of Saxony’s small and medium sized enterprises.


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Logo Senorics GmbH, Dresden

Senorics GmbH, Dresden

Senorics is your material sensing partner – from the idea to the final product and beyond. We are convinced that integrating material sensing solutions into products all around us can directly and positively impact people’s lives by delivering noticeable value like increased joy, convenience or efficiency.

Let’s work together to make this happen. Welcome to the world of material sensing!



Contact:   Robert Langer, CCO


Pitch Deck (PDF, 15 Pages)
Senorics: Material Sensing

Material Sensing with Senorics

The same way humans have a fingerprint that identifies them, materials have an optical fingerprint that identifies them. Spectroscopy makes those fingerprints visible and allows the identification, differentiation and even quantification of substances in liquid or solid compositions. We call this material sensing and build spectroscopic sensors for it.


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Silicon Saxony

Silicon Saxony - The High-Tech Network

Silicon Saxony, the German HighTech Network, unites outstanding German players in the field of microelectronics, robotics and IoT in general.  The network pursues such primary objectives as, for example, expanding and strengthening Europe’s leading microelectronics location as well as promoting Saxony’s expansion into a software state.

In particular outstanding German engineering skills secure the position of many of its members as sometimes hidden champions if it comes to unique technologies in particular within the supply chain. Get in touch with us to learn more about this strong ecosystem and the numerous cooperation opportunities.



Contact:           Frank Bösenberg, Managing Director


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Pitch Deck (PDF, 7 Pages)
Logo SmartNanotubes Technologies GmbH, Freital

SmartNanotubes Technologies GmbH, Freital

SmartNanotubes Technologies is a deep tech start-up company from Germany which has developed the world’s first smell sensor chip for the mass market. This chip is small, highly sensitive and energy efficient. The company will launch its first electronic nose device "Smell Inspector" on Kickstarter soon.


Web:, LinkedIn, Facebook

Contact:    Viktor Bezugly, CEO


Pitch Deck (PDF, 7 Pages)
SmartNanotubes Technologies GmbH: Smell Detector

Smell detection device for end users and developers

Electronic nose devices based on the smell detection chip Smell iX16 from SmartNanotubes can digitalize and distinguish different smells, single gases and VOCs. The chip is compact, energy efficient, highly sensitive and can be easily integrated into different home or industrial appliances. It can be employed for different use cases, wherever smells matter!



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Logo Smart Systems Hub

Smart Systems Hub GmbH, Dresden

As part of a German-wide excellence initiative (Digital Hub Initiative) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), the Smart Systems Hub connects highly innovative technologies in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) with users from SMEs, industry and science.

With 450 partners – including key partners such as Infineon, SAP, T-Systems and Globalfoundries –, over 20 years of IoT practice and synergised knowledge in the network, the Smart Systems Hub is Europe's largest one-stop shop in the field of IoT.

The hub-activities focus on the concrete application of IoT solutions and the development of IoT-based business models. Creating [free]spaces - in the physical and figurative sense - the hub empowered 15 successful IoT and co-innovation formats, in which relevant partners develop solutions and business models in a goal-oriented manner. 



Contact:          Michael Kaiser, CEO

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Logo Wandelbots GmbH, Dresden

Wandelbots GmbH, Dresden

Wandelbots is a company from Germany, which enables anyone, regardless of prior knowledge, to learn and relearn industrial robots using an intuitive app and intelligent teaching devices. The use of robots thus becomes easier, more flexible and more cost-effective.


Web:, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Contact:    Marco Dutenstädter, VP Sales





Pitch Deck (PDF, 35 Pages)
Wandelbots - TracePen & App


Thanks to Wandelbots revolutionary TracePen the use of industrial robots has never been easier. The user performs the activity the robot is supposed to learn in an exemplary manner, with a wireless pen in his hand. The robot's movements are recorded in real time in space and the intelligent software converts them into automation scripts for robots - regardless of their platform. Thanks to interchangeable tips, the technology can be used flexibly for various applications, such as deburring, pick & place, gluing or welding.
Designed as a complete solution, the TracePen already contains all components required by the user. This also includes a tablet with an app as an intuitive user interface that guides the user in five simple steps from setup to immediately executable, manufacturer-specific code. 


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