Series Production of Fiber Composite Components

The Airbus A350 is the commercial aircraft with the highest proportion of built-in CFRP materials. It owes its innovations in lightweight construction also to expertise from Saxony. The Hightex Verstärkungsstrukturen GmbH supplies 3D-shaped semi-finished carbon fiber products for the A 350.

The carbon fiber-reinforced preform from Hightex is the basic structure of the CFRP window frame in the A350 (Source: Hightex Verstärkungsstrukturen GmbH)

Preforms for helicopter roof structures are also manufactured in the production site near Dresden. In addition, the Hightex team participates in the development and production of components for the European carrier rocket Ariane 6. The products are manufactured with TFP (tailored fiber placement) and binding technology. The development of these technologies at the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden was the basis for the spin-off of Hightex in 1998. Other users of Hightex products are customers from the automotive industry.


Hightex Verstärkungsstrukturen GmbH, Klipphausen