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SAXONY! - A Business Location at its Best

Advertising is similar to bait on a fishhook. For 25 years now, the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS) has been promoting the business location Saxony with facts, figures, and good arguments. Particularly in times of increasing competition among regions, Saxony needs to present itself with pride and self-confidence at the national and international level. It is, thus, necessary to effectively communicate the specific locational factors and facts about Saxony’s key high tech branches.

Since 2008, we have been presenting Saxony around the globe as an attractive business location with a promising future under the united label “SAXONY!”. Together with other partners, we are, thus, communicating a uniform identity of the business location Saxony to the world – whether it be online, in printed or video format, or through international trade show participations and presentations.

Partners of the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS) and Saxony’s enterprises, R&D institutions, etc. are invited to support the united label and integrate it into their marketing campaigns. We’d also like to know where and how the brand is used, and we’d be happy to assist you in implementing the requisite projects.


A vital prerequisite for our work is that we’re strategically geared towards Saxony’s core competences in the fields

  • mobility (automobile industry, logistics, rail technology, aerospace industry),
  • microelectronics / ICT,
  • machine and plant construction,
  • environmental and energy technology,
  • life sciences

as well as such other industrial branches which are relevant for Saxony as, for example, the food industry. We pool our competences as well as the expertise of our network partners and Saxony’s business and scientific communities, and we process the requisite information that is essential for the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS - Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH)’s internal workflow and required by external interest groups around the globe.

It is the primary objective of the branch-related strategic work to closely align our work to the needs and requirements of commercial enterprises.


The anticipatory identification of relevant technology trends and their integration into our business relocation and sales promotion activities as well as into locational marketing are a competence field which is increasingly emphasized and put center stage by the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS). The goal is to not only establish the business location Saxony on the global market in a more specific manner.

It is, above all, our objective to support the primarily small and medium sized enterprises in Saxony in their effort to meet the requirements of global competition, which are changing more rapidly, as timely and precisely as possible. For this purpose, the WFS organizes branch-specific innovation forums and workshops in order to boost technology transfer, strengthen research and development in SMEs and, thus, foster the growth and expansion of these enterprises.

Against this backdrop, we also cooperate closely with a number of research institutions. For example, forging even closer ties between research and industry will bring about the development of new products and open new sales markets for Saxony’s companies while also creating innovations.

DHL Hub Leipzig (mehrere Flugzeuge) bei Nacht

DHL Hub Leipzig: A success story (2004) of the WFS's service for investment projects. (Source: Deutsche Post AG)


In the locational competition among regions, many advantages speak in favor of Saxony. We are service providers on behalf of companies which consider making a commitment in Saxony or which seek to expand an existing commitment here. In a nutshell: We assist and accompany domestic and foreign investors from the initial idea all the way to the implementation of their business setup or expansion project. We also guide business start-ups through their founding process and even beyond.

In cooperation with regional and national economic development agencies, interest groups of Saxony’s business community, Saxony’s State Government as well as many other stakeholders, we see ourselves as guides who accompany and assist commercial enterprises with regard to their investment decisions.

B2B-Gespräche im Rahmen einer Kooperationsbörse in in Almaty / Kasachstan

Source: Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS)


We are service providers on behalf of domestic and foreign companies trying to find business partners and suppliers from Saxony. Are you looking for the right distributors or suppliers in Saxony? Do you need a suitable technical solution, an innovative product or procedure for your company? Are you in search of any licensees or joint venture partners for your innovative technology? Would you like to find matching partners in order to jointly implement your research and development projects?


You’re a student, an inventor, a researcher, or an entrepreneur with an innovative business concept? And you want to ready this idea for the market, build your future on it? You’re looking for a partner who accompanies and advises you in this undertaking and who has the right contacts? Then we’re exactly the right partners for you.

We have more than 25 years of experience in assisting investment projects. We’d love to also help you with your specific start-up project and make it a success. That’s why we maintain close ties to Saxony’s founder initiatives as well as the VC and CVC corporations.


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