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Who we are and What we do

The Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS – Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH) was founded in 1991 as a state-owned enterprise of the Federal State of Saxony and has been active in three key fields since that time. The WFS promotes Saxony as a business location and advises potential investors comprehensively from the initial idea all the way to the implementation of their relocation projects.

In addition, the WFS assists Saxony’s companies in achieving their export goals and initiates cooperations with companies located outside of Saxony. The objective is to open up new international markets for Saxony’s business community and to create new jobs in Saxony.

In other words: The Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation builds bridges. Between Saxony’s companies and foreign customers, between enterprises looking for investment opportunities and the regions and municipalities of the Federal State of Saxony.

An important foundation for the effective work of the WFS is its strategic orientation towards Saxony’s key industrial branches. Identifying the relevant technological trends early on and integrating them into its locational and sales promotion measures represent a field of competence which the WFS has been focusing on for several years now. 


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Facts about us

  • Founded: 1991
  • Shareholder: State of Saxony, represented by the Saxony State Ministry of Finance (SMF)
  • Registered Office: BusinessPark Dresden
  • Employees: 52

A Supervisory Board consisting of six members accompanies and supervises the activities and achievements of the WFS.

Organization Chart of the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS), as of September 2023

Source: Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS - Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH)

Our Team

Our staff members are active in four departments: Strategy / Industry Sectors / Marketing, Acquisition / Inward Investment, Export Promotion / Cooperation as well as Finance / Human Resources / Administration.

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Our Tasks

  • Promoting the Federal State of Saxony at home and abroad
  • Acquiring, advising, and assisting companies seeking to relocate to and expand in Saxony
  • Intensifying the support for Saxony’s companies to promote their growth
  • Providing information and contacts to enter and expand on domestic and foreign markets
  • Planning and implementing sales promotion measures at home and abroad
  • Accompanying and assisting foreign business delegations in Saxony
  • Intensifying the cooperation with Saxony’s networks, research and training facilities to encourage business founders from Germany and abroad to come and found their business in Saxony and to generate growth

What can we do for you?

Industry, Innovation & Marketing Department (BM)

The BM sector promotes the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS)’s industry-specific orientation in Saxony’s five competence fields; namely, mobility (automobile, logistics, rail technology, aerospace technology), microelectronics / ICT, machine & plant construction, life sciences, environmental & energy technology as well as the food industry. BM also pools the marketing activities which are conducted for the business location Saxony as well as for the WFS and its services. The BM team coordinates and strategically assists the project planning process within the WFS as well as in coordination with its partners.

Investor Services Department (IS)

The IS team is the contact partner for domestic and foreign companies wishing to engage themselves in Saxony or expand their already existing commitment in Saxony. We accompany and assist business setup and expansion projects from the initial idea all the way to their implementation. In cooperation with many partners, the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS) sees itself as a guide who effectively and safely steers commercial enterprises through the decision making processes associated with investments.

Foreign Trade & Fairs Department (AM)

The AM team is the contact partner for Saxony’s enterprises wishing to successfully enter global markets. Branch-related entrepreneurial trips, joint presentations at international trade shows and conventions as well as the systematic procurement of cooperation partners all help Saxony’s companies conduct lucrative and profitable export business.

Finance, Administration & Human Resources Department (FP)

The FP sector incorporates the essential interdisciplinary administrative working processes of the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS). In addition to human resources and accounting, this department also includes the IT administration / webmaster and vehicle fleet management. With its work, the FP team ensures the smooth flow of business processes within the WFS and supports the activities of the specialized departments.

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