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In the locational competition among regions, many advantages speak in favor of Saxony. We are service providers on behalf of companies which consider making a commitment in Saxony or which seek to expand an existing commitment here. In a nutshell: We assist and accompany domestic and foreign investors from the initial idea all the way to the implementation of their business setup or expansion project. We also guide business start-ups through their founding process and even beyond. In cooperation with regional and national economic development agencies, interest groups of Saxony’s business community, Saxony’s State Government as well as many other stakeholders, we see ourselves as guides who accompany and assist commercial enterprises with regard to their investment decisions.


…between your project and our services can be established in many ways. Perhaps there might be the instruments of our locational marketing which you’ll notice first: Our internet presence, for example, and our brochures, flyers, or trade show booths.

Or you might meet our consultants in person at leading international trade fairs with Saxony’s joint booths and expert congresses as well as during presentations which we hold all around the globe, sometimes together with our partners (for example, Germany Trade and Invest, Chambers of Foreign Trade).

Regardless of how and where you get in touch with us – with 25 years of experience in promoting economic development, we’re superbly geared towards helping you make your project a success in Saxony. Your personal consultant will be happy to assist you right from the start.


In line with your specific needs and requirements, we’ll create individual information packages on the requisite regions, locations, branches, markets, employees, funding programs, suppliers, research landscape, and much more.

These materials are prepared in close cooperation with the respective partners in Saxony (ministries, chambers, associations, networks, companies, research facilities, municipal partners, etc.).

The information packages are forwarded to you in electronic form and very safely via our “eOffer” system.


In line with your specific needs and requirements, we’ll analyze potential locations in Saxony, make the requisite preselection, and put detailed offers for specific sites at your disposal.

Our offers are based, for example, on the data and information contained in the online commercial property database operated by us. We coordinate further details and current developments with the regional contact persons.


We’d be happy to make your individual information packages and locational offers available to you via our “eOffer” system. You’ll get personalized access to your own specific data section. This will permit the provision of considerable data volumes in no time. In consultation with you, the data can be updated / supplemented any time.

Search online for industrial real estates

Currently, Saxony's industrial real estate online data bank contains about 260 available industrial and commercial lots as well as about 95 commercial and industrial properties in Saxony. The information is updated decentrally by the responsible regional economic development agencies and district county offices as well as further partners. For every industrial or commercial lot, you will receive a concrete profile and a specific contact person.

Saxony's industrial real estate online data bank
Screenshot Saxony's industrial real estate online data bank


Since 2004, the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS - Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH) has been operating an online company database. This database currently contains more than 40,000 entries which are maintained and updated by the companies. It is possible, for example, to search the data records for regions, branches (NACE or technology sector), or turnovers.

Saxony's online company database


We want you to concentrate entirely on your locational decision. That’s why we’d be happy to organize a visit to the locations and accompany you there. We’ll bring you together with the right contact persons on site who’ll introduce the requisite location’s specific features and possibilities to you.

We’ll stay by your side until you have found the optimal location in Saxony. And even beyond that.


Wherever and whenever our competences and our wealth of knowledge can’t help you anymore, we’ll be able to procure exactly the right contact for you: To regional / local authorities, banks, VC / CVC corporations, legal counselors, possible cooperation partners, branch networks, or even to the property developer of your future production site.

We’ll ensure that you get the right information at the right time – for example, on the funding programs relevant to you.


We’ll support you during the start-up phase of your project. We’ll help you with information and contacts – for approval procedures (for example, business founding, financial subsidies), the recruitment / qualification of employees, the establishment of supplier relationships, or in becoming a member of branch networks.

You have a question – we have the answer.


Even after the successful completion of your investment project / undertaking, we’ll be there for you whenever you need us. You want to expand even further? You need more employees, new research contacts, or additional suppliers? You need information on current financial support programs? Or you want to enter new markets from Saxony? No problem – just ask us!

By the way: With us, you’ll also be able to enter new markets from Saxony. Please ask for our services within the scope of Saxony’s foreign trade promotion.

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