Secure E-Mail Communication

Securing companies' sensitive information is the mission of comcrypto GmbH from Chemnitz: they offer software that encrypts e-mail traffic to make it tap-proof.

E-Mail (Source: pixabay)

Comcrypto was founded in 2017 as the result of a research project at Chemnitz University of Technology. Since then, the team has been fully committed to secure communication on the internet and has been developing technologies and solutions in Chemnitz that help companies, authorities and institutions of all kinds to protect their emails simply, effectively and automatically against data theft and to meet the legal requirements, e.g. from the EU GDPR, with the least possible effort.

The problem addressed: previous forms of secure email transmission are too complicated to use on a daily basis. The innovation of comcrypto lies in what is known as adaptive encryption. Several encryption technologies are linked together and used automatically, taking customer-specific preferences into account. The majority of all outgoing emails can thus be transmitted as "normal mail", without any effort for the user, but still 100% GDPR-compliant.

The comcrypto MXG email gateway, which provides adaptive encryption, is used across all industries and enables customers, i.e. companies as well as public and church institutions, to use simple processes when sending emails. At the same time, this simple form of secure email transmission enables the digitalization of numerous processes that rely on a GDPR-compliant, yet simple transmission channel.

Comcrypto GmbH, Chemnitz