Soil Tillage Machinery for the “Intelligent Crop Production”

Catros, Cenius, Certos and Cayron are the illustrious names of the soil tillage machines produced by Amazone subsidiary BBG Bodenbearbeitungsgeräte Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG. Since 1998, BBG has been part of the Amazonen-Werke H. Dreyer SE & Co. KG.

UG trailed field sprayer with working widths of up to 28 meters from BBG Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG (Source: Amazonen-Group)

The BBG Bodenbearbeitungsgeräte Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG specializes in the development and production of soil tillage machinery and crop protection sprayers. Since 1998, the company has been acting as a member of the Amazone Group, a globally leading manufacturer of complete process chains revolving around “intelligent crop production.” Compact disk harrows, mulch cultivators, and reversible plows made by BBG are suitable for the most diverse tillage and cultivation operations. Specific features of these machines include their strict alignment to the needs and requirements of modern precision farming. For example, an increasing number of electronic components are used primarily in crop protection sprayers.

Right next to the factory is a testing ground where the Amazone soil tillage machines have to undergo a tough durability test. In the Amazone Active Center on the factory premises, lectures, training courses and seminars are held for customers and sales partners from all over the world. Also in the direct vicinity of the factory premises, at the Agrarprodukte Kitzen e.G. farm, exact trials for the Amazone 3C concept have been carried out on 75 hectares since 2000. In total, around 770 hectares of land are available here for Amazone trials.

BBG Bodenbearbeitungsgeräte Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG