Strengthening the Defense, Preventing Relapses

Today, many types of cancer can be treated quite well. The problem are relapses. The Riboxx GmbH from Radebeul develops and produces innovative reagents for an immunotherapy that prevents these relapses.

Cells (Source: pixabay)

Riboxx develops, manufactures and markets unique active substances for the immunotherapy of cancer or viral diseases. They are based on an innovative platform technology for the production of ribonucleic acid (RNA).

The innate immune system is an important defense strategy of many organisms. The drugs developed by Riboxx address this by activating the body's own immune cells like a switch. Residual cancer cells in the body are recognized and eliminated by the "switched-on" immune cells. Such immunotherapy can be used for all types of cancer - alone or in combination with other treatment methods such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Riboxx GmbH, based in Radebeul, was founded in 2009 by Prof. Jacques Rohayem, MD. He developed the patented process for the production of immune switches. With a further 14 patents and special expertise in the design, engineering and production of RNA, the biotech company not only offers drugs for immunotherapy for cancer or viral diseases, but also customized molecular tools and novel reagents that scientists and pharmaceutical companies have been using successfully in research and development worldwide for over ten years.


Riboxx GmbH, Dresden