System Supplier for the Rail Industry

RCS GmbH, located just outside Dresden, is a system supplier for complex rail vehicle systems. The expertise of the 180 employees ranges from holistic development to series production of fiber-reinforced plastic composite structures (FRP) with a high degree of lightweight construction.

The front end, driver's cab roof and aprons of the Deutsche Bahn ICE4 high-speed train were manufactured by RCS GmbH in Königsbrück. (Source: Siemens AG / RCS GmbH)

RCS has repeatedly furnished ample proof of its broad competencies for large-scale fiber-reinforced plastic parts, for combined systems made of metal, plastics, and electrical / electronic components as well as for ready-to-install modules. Equipped with front noses made by RCS, for example, high-speed trains commute in the Eurotunnel between France and the United Kingdom as well as in Spain, Russia, and China, and the same is true for regional trains, suburban railroads, and trams which travel in Europe and Asia.

In addition, the RCS engineering team is responsible for the entire development process, from the initial idea to stable series production. The main focus here is on the load- and function-appropriate multi-material design mix, the development of efficient manufacturing processes for complex, highly stressed FRP components and the series production of system components in aluminum sandwich construction.

RCS GmbH Rail Components and Systems, Königsbrück