That’s What You Need on the Screen

Novaled GmbH is the only provider of organic dopants for the mass production of OLED displays on the entire globe. The knowledge and materials from Dresden can be found in virtually all smartphones and tablet computers with OLED displays.

Novaled doping materials (Source: Novaled GmbH, Dresden)

In addition to materials, Novaled offers OLED manufacturers comprehensive know-how and cutting-edge technologies - and thus the decisive advantage for particularly high-performance OLEDs or other organic components. Novaled's breakthrough technology utilizes doping materials that significantly increase the conductivity of the transport layers in OLEDs. As a result, the highest power efficiencies, extremely low and stable operating voltages and long lifetimes can be achieved.

OLED rear lights for cars and organic solar cells also use Novaled technologies. Since August 2013, the company has been part of the South Korean Samsung Group, which has invested over 25 million euros in the construction of the new Novaled headquarters in the north of Dresden since 2017.

Novaled GmbH, Dresden