The First Hydrogen Distributor Operates from Saxony

Founded in late 2021, HINT.CO is an instrument launched within the framework of the “H2Global” initiative and the first large hydrogen distributor in Germany.

Hydrogen (Source: pixabay)

The company wants to help meet the huge demand for sustainable energy carriers in the German steel and chemical industries, energy branch, transportation sector as well as in private households. The objectives of HINT.CO are to facilitate investments into “green” hydrogen and to gradually establish a functioning market for eco-hydrogen in Germany.

As a stakeholder from the private sector, HINT.CO purchases (“green”) hydrogen that has been produced internationally in an environmentally friendly manner as well as “power-to-X” products via long-term contracts and then sells them at auctions in Germany and Europe on short notice. In the foreseeable future, HINT.CO will also purchase and distribute products which have been made in Europe and Germany.

The target group are companies which seek to improve their environmental balance and advance their decarbonization efforts. The general objective is not to establish HINT.CO as a distributor; instead, it is only designed to support the market launch. Since this is a subsidized undertaking, the Federal Government will compensate the anticipated losses for the next ten years. The first deliveries of sustainable energy carriers based on hydrogen to Germany and Europe are planned for 2024.

HINT.CO Leipzig