Traditional Craft Business Masters the Digital Transformation

Around 150,000 bread rolls and 15,000 loaves of bread leave the bakeries at Backhaus Hennig every day. Since its beginnings over 100 years ago, the company has grown into an ultra-modern business with over 80 branches.

Baked goods (Source: pixabay)

Jens Hennig initiated the digitization process 15 years ago. With the help of various software solutions, the flow of information in production, sales and administration has been greatly optimized, so that today Backhaus Hennig plans and acts on the basis of more precise data.

Digital signage has also been used since 2016: current offers and price lists for coffee, breakfast and ice cream specialties as well as short films are now shown on monitors in some branches. But the digital transformation at Backhaus Hennig is far from complete.

Backhaus Hennig