Using Robots Becomes Child's Play

The Wandelbots GmbH has set ambitious objectives for itself: The young Dresden-based enterprise wants to trigger nothing less than a revolution in robotics. Thanks to new technologies, the user does not have to write a single line of programme.

No-code robotics specialists: Wandelbots GmbH Dresden (Source: Wandelbots)

In the future, the use of robots is to be practical and worthwhile also for craftspeople, young technology incubators as well as small and medium sized enterprises. Because thanks to new technologies from Saxony which have little or no competition even at an international level, robots can now be taught new tasks much easier than had been the case before. What is so special about this: With these systems, users won’t have to write a single program line. For these “no-code robotics,” the Wandelbots engineers have developed special software and hardware which permit humans and robots to communicate with one another and, thus, make them a “dream team.”

In so doing, the users interact, above all, with two components: On the one hand, with a pen-like, haptic input device – the "TracePen" – and, on the other hand, with an intuitive app created by Wandelbots. The TracePen is the tool with which the robot path can be demonstrated in the simplest way. Interchangeable tips help adapt various tools for its users. The app permits its users to simply continue with the design of their robot processes. This system registers the movements which are required, for example, to debur a workpiece, produce a welding seam, or inspect an adhesive strip. 

Since its founding in 2017, Wandelbots has grown to currently 130 employees and is now one of the international technology leaders for universal, intuitive robot teaching systems. Its shareholders include Siemens and Microsoft; among its customers are Volkswagen, BMW, and Infineon.  

Wandelbots GmbH, Dresden