Vodafone Is Working on the Future with 5G in Dresden

With the Tech Innovation Center Dresden (Dresden Hub for short), Vodafone is bringing a new competence center and 200 jobs to Saxony's state capital. The focus is on innovations for the new 5G and 6G mobile communications standards.

In future, innovations for 5G and 6G will be developed at the Vodafone Tech Innovation Center Dresden (Dresden Hub). (Source: Vodafone)

The Future Transmits with 5G and 6G at the Tech Innovation Center Dresden

At the beginning of June 2022, representatives of Vodafone and project developer Ventura Investment signed the long-term rental agreements in Ostragehe. Work on future technologies has been underway here since October 2022 together with partners from industry and science.

A modern new building with large, glass window fronts will be built right next door by 2024. In the future, a total of 2,700 square meters of the two buildings will be used to work on innovations with the super-fast 5G and 6G mobile communications standards. The focus will be on digital health, connected mobility and industrial production, as well as new applications for agriculture, the construction industry and the metaverse. In addition, the Tech Innovation Center Dresden will also research and further develop technologies for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), cyber security and data science.

International Competition Decides on Innovation Hotspot in Silicon Saxony

"At the Dresden Hub, we are imagining the future of digitalization. This is where the next generation of mobile communications is being created with 6G. For Germany and the world," says Dr. Ralf Irmer, Chief Innovation Architect at Vodafone. He explains: "We are focusing on a co-creation approach and are driving forward networking in the industrial sector and shaping the metaverse with our partners through joint technology development. Our 5G+ real-time network and, in future, the 6G network are the basis for this."

Back in January 2021, the Vodafone Group launched an international competition in which eight pre-selected European cities applied to be the location for the new innovation center. After a comprehensive analysis, the decision was made in June 2021 in favor of Dresden for a variety of reasons. For example, Vodafone laid the foundation for important innovations in telecommunications here back in 1994 with the establishment of the Vodafone Chair at TU Dresden.